victory weekend

Indeed the OLD ALLY is GONE!

The victory weekend was held in smallville last august 10,2013. This is the first victory weekend that happened here in ENQ. True enough victory weekend is considered as one of my turning point in my life. It is for the sole reason that I have renounced my old self and by his grace and guidance from Him, I will follow Him. It was thru Victory Weekend that God revealed to me the things I need to let Go and let Him take over. I have already received the salvation and now I allowed Him not just to be my savior but my Lord.I have surrender all the past and present mistakes of my life. I have renounced it in Jesus name and by the guide of the Holy Spirit. Whatever happened to me right now and in the future, all I know that I have one God who will guide me throughout my life journey. My journey  begins with Him and will end with Him.

I accepted Him and now I want to proclaim to the world that I am His and it is my declaration of faith to Him my Abba father thru water baptism that was also part of the victory weekend.

If someone would ask me how I felt during the victory weekend:

I am free because of  Jesus Christ who gave me a  victory over all sins 🙂

I am free from the Bondage of Sins

I am free from the Bondage of Sins

declaration of my faith

declaration of my faith

Therefore if anyone is in Christ, the new creation had come , the old has gone; the new is here ~2 Corinthians 5:17


One thought on “victory weekend

  1. May I ask for the location of your church here in Qatar? Is there any person I can call to guide me in finding it? I want to attend to a christian church but I dont know where…

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