the proposals

It really amazes me to see couples getting engaged… It really is a big question to me on how did the guy finally decided to pop the question “WILL YOU MARRY ME”…to their girlfriends…

I admit a part of me hopes one day to receive that question… as most of my friends are either engaged or married or had started their own family.   It’s really cute to see guys  having different style in proposing for their girlfriends, my male cbff in manila already proposed to his girlfriend and it was a cute proposal and it has something to do with ferris wheel 🙂 While my female cbff is already engaged. Honestly people around me are getting engaged.Which leads me to the question of why I am still not getting any engagement proposals? So when my friends asked me I really don’t know to answer them because I myself has no concrete answers yet.

Most of my friends knew that I am currently in an 11 years relationship. Yes that’s how long we have been together (Praise God for this!). But I wonder when will be the right time to take things to the next level. I’m not getting any younger.,  but how long shall I wait? I know God knows the perfect time, I’m praying and seeking His guidance and hoping that one day the question will be given to me by my significant half.


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