max factor my new ally

Been searching for the make up brand that will suit my skin type. I am on the hypersensitive type and oily type of skin so I had to be extra careful in choosing the make up brand.

So before I jumped in buying for make up, I had first to ensure that there are no more breakouts on my face so I was under medication for two weeks for my acne. I have never had serious breakouts when I was still in Manila,but here I think my hormones spiked up a  bit. The doctor gave me two medications one solution type and the other one is an ointment to help clear out pimples which works well for me except the drying part which shows it really is working.

After careful research these are the things I need to consider in buying a makeup:

1. Oil Free

2. Non-comedogenic

3. Contains SPF

4. Dermatologically Tested

So after a careful consideration I opt to purchase the brand max factor in one of the mall here.

So here’s my pick:

1. Ageless Elixir 2 in 1 Foundation + Serum   -> my rate is 7 out of 10

As they have promised:

  • 2-in-1 formula provides foundation and serum with SPF 15.
  • A variety of skin tones to match your natural color
  • Smooth, instant flawless coverage

2. Facefinity Compact -> My rate is 6 out of 10

As they have promised:

  • Hydrates skin adding a satin glow.
  • Contains Perma-Wear for all-day fade resistant colour.
  • Oil and fragrance free.
  • Contains SPF 15 to help protect your skin from the sun.
  • Dermatologically tested

3. Flawless Perfection Blush -> My Rate is 6 out of 10

As they have promised:

  • Soft and sheer texture blends easily into your skin.
  • Dermatologically tested and non-comedogenic.
  • A natural flawless look with a hint of colour
  • Long-lasting colour in eight natural shades.

4.Colour Elixir Lipstick -> My rate is 7 out of 10

As they have promised:

  • Instant fabulous colour.
  • Actively moisturises for smoother, fuller lips (vs bare lips)
  • Colour Elixir Lipstick gives you smooth, soft lips with gorgeous colour.

So I’m into nude make up look,so I opted to select the light and natural colors of which suites my skin tone. I have been wearing them daily and it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing make up at all.

max factor my new ally

max factor my new ally

God Bless!


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