heart to serve Him

When ever God calls you to do something accept it gladly and believe that He is able to provide your need for that particular calling.

As far as I remember, I send a copy of my prayer request 2013 to my VG lead in VCF and one of it was to be part of a ministry where my skills will be used.

True enough when I joined every nation qatar, I was able to join the multimedia team. I was really overwhelmed by the fact that God has provided this for me. I attend the practice together with the music ministry  and the prayer meeting as well as the friday service.

Everything looks good until one service, there was an accident in one of the music presentation, I dragged the wrong slides to present so it caused confusions on the part of the worship leader including me too. After the service one person approached me that I need to attend practice in order for me to get used to the songs. I was really scared and feeling sorry for what had happened, so I ended saying sorry to my lead in multi media and He told me and next time be careful. I was really devastated by that incident. I admit that I did not attend the practice and that is my fault. So when I went home after that service, I cried and pray to God to heal my heart and to serve Him more.

Eventually for the past few weeks, God revealed to me that I am there in the ministry for Him and not because I want to show off my skills. He reminded me that apart from Him I can do nothing. I asked Him for forgiveness and to change me of what He wants me to be and not what I want to be.

After few weeks, I am assigned again for a friday service. I silently prayed  to Him, God I really want to serve You it’s not because of me that I am part of this ministry it is because You have called me and it’s my way of worshiping You. I attended the practice and the service not with a heavy heart but a heart to serve Him. Before the service started I asked one of my friend to pray for me and she prayed for me. The service went better than I expected because I didn’t rely on myself, I rely on Him who provided me the wisdom and skills.

At this very moment I still can remember the praise and worship service that friday,everyone one is praising and worshiping. At the end of the service my lead for the ministry said, ok good and I uttered a simple prayer at the end of the said service. Lord thank you … To you be the Glory!

By the way if God provided you the opportunity to serve in a church, believe in your heart that He chose you and He will provide wisdom for you and start acting in faith that you have received the wisdom and skills needed in serving Him.

God Bless!


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