unboxing the htc one red

A couple of weeks ago my S2 phone had give up on me, after more than 2 years of using it as my very first smart phone, samy as what I call him, bid goodbye.

The night before samy left me I told him, that I will never change him unless he gets ruined. So the next day, samy did not open anymore. I tried to revive him by bringing him to cellphone technicians but still they can’t revived him.

After two or 3 days, I gave up on reviving samy. After all he had served me well. So I had to find a replacement but was really confused in choosing HTC ONE vs HTC ONE X+. The specifications was really superp for the two. So after careful researching and reading reviews, I choose to check the HTC ONE X+ on one of the stores here. When I checked on jarir, they told me that they have to order first in Dubai and same thing with Lulu. So they offered me HTC ONE. I was really hesitant for the moment because it’s one of the priciest phone as of the moment. So after two or 3 days after I got leave benefits, I told myself there’s no turning back and I have to really buy the HTC One Red. So off I went to the store and bought it.

This is my review for HTC ONE:


  • The aluminum case is superb
  • The gorilla glass feature is really good
  • Battery Life is cool (i’m a gamer )
  • Beats Audio is really nice
  • The display for HTC one is definite flawless.(4.7” HD screen  Resolution: 1920×1080   468 PPI)
  • With 1.7 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 quad-core processor with 2GB of RAM I say not bad!
  • On the down side, I had minor front scratch on near the upper speaker of my phone.
  • For the blink feeds, HTC One is okay even without it.

So that’s my review for my HTC One Red.

I actually thank the Lord for providing me this phone for without His help and His generous provision I will not be able to have what I am having right now.

htc one red

htc one red

To you God be the Glory! 🙂



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