Multiply, Healing and Miracles

Feeding of a Hundred – 2 Kings 4:42-44

Bread of 20 feeds Hundred
God provides our daily needs. Even if it is little He who provided it can multiply it in hundred folds. The bread here signifies our source of income. A lot of times we complained how little our income is but never a time we got short with our income. He had given us this job and source of income to bless and be a blessing to other. We are all a tithe giver. My conviction is that by God’s grace we were able to give because He gave us first this source of income. Obedience in giving tithes is a result of His grace and faith that He who has given us this little will give much in God’s Time.

Naaman Healed of Leprosy- 2 Kings 5:26

Naaman doubted first but believe and He was healed.
7x he must bathe in the river of Jordan.
Some of us are like naaman. We want to be healed in a quick way. Its like our prayers we want instant answer. Our God hears our prayers but He has a unique way of delivering it to us.A lot of times I experienced this answered prayers in a very unique way.  you know why he doesn’t answer us because we doubt. If you in your heart believe that it has been answered before we utter the pray then it will be given. It may sound odd when he answered in different way but I believe He is working in background. So remove the doubt and pray to increase your faith by uncovering your unbelief.

An axe Head floats  -2 Kings 6:1-7

One of the worker had his axe fall in the water and Elisha picks up a stick and threw it where the axe fall and it floats.
This is a classic example of the miracles that God has promised us. We are like the workers and the axe symbolizes our battles in life. We keep doing it on our own way. We end up losing the battles because we fail to lift up to God. If we surrender every axe in our life I am sure that He will not only lift up the battle for us but He will Guide us in every axe of our lives.

God Bless!


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