crabbing during eid

I have a very bad allergic reaction to sea foods specially crustaceans or anything that has shell on it. It really runs in our gene. But I still believe God can remove this sickness and I still continue on praying for the healing.

After our prayer meeting in small villa, most of the church members will join the crabbing which will be held in Simaisma beach. At around 9pm we prepared everything and while waiting for one of our churchmate. After a couple of minutes he arrived and then our travel begins. After 20 mins from small ville we  stop by Ikea  and meet the other churchmates. It was my first time going to Ikea but it was cut short because we have to be travelling again to reach simaisma beach.

After some good laugh and talk and stories with sheenamie,nics,brian and sam, we reach our destination. It was really dark that time and the sea we can’t barely see, and I think it was low tide that time. As we walk along the shore line of the beach , we prepare the foods and prepare the tent.

As we setup the tent, I felt like my old dream of being girl scout has been answered. Why? I have never had a chance to be part of a girl scout because my parents didn’t allow me and bribed me that time instead of going to camping. So when we are fixing our tent, I was asking pau where to put the cables and all because I have no idea of how to put up a tent. As soon as we finished making tent, it was a great achievement in my end. I went inside the tent like a kid and says “kalas”, which means finish in english.

I heard someone told us that we are about to start eating the foods that we have chip in. We started in prayer and thanksgiving for the safe trip and to enjoy our crabbing. After eating we prepared ourselves for our crabbing escapade.

I got a pair of gloves from nics and off we went. Since it’s very dark, we also have our flashlight carried by brian for us to see the crabby, and off we went to to start our crab hunting.

Our team is composed of rhea,brian,sam,me and pau. As we walk to the low tide sea, we noticed that the sea floor is sticky and muddy. I can hear some people shouting “eiw yucky” , but it was all a joke.For I know most of us are not so “maarte”. But as soon as we positioned ourselves in finding for a crab. I heard one of the other guys in the other group shouting “we found one”. Well being competitive, we just shouted yeah “we have been already one hour looking for a crab”. After a couple of minutes we saw group of man not part of our group and asked them to show us their catch and we were mesmerized because the crabs were clearly huge. After asking them which part they keep on searching, we asked them to give us at least one of crab just for the sake of having a catch. Well fortunately they gave us one big crab. Well , this is not deceiving others, this called strategy. After a while we saw a crab walking along our path and we positioned ourselves. Then sam went and dive in and put his hand on top of the crab and finally we catch one. It was really fun seeing crabs and fleeing from us. After a couple of hours we got tired and went back to our tent. We also heard the group of nic, cha and  sheenamie shouting “nahuli na namin kasamahan nyo, lumabas na kayo jan kung gusto nyo makita buhay kasamahan nyo” ( We captured your companions, and pick him up if you want your crabby friend alive). Yes they try to lure the other crabs. And I remember we were saying.. here crabby crabby come, as if the crab is like a dog.

It was really a tiring walk, back going to our tent but thank God we enjoyed it. During the night they had games, but really being tired, I slept the whole night in the tent.

Here’s some pics we took :

crabby the crabbing team

During our trip going home we meet a tragic accident from a car on the other side of the lane. The car rotated 360 degrees three times and  we got shocked. But by God’s protection He had saved us. As we approach the next stop light, nics prayed for the safety of our way home as well as the safety of the driver. During this time it’s very foggy, which marks that winter is here.

God Bless Everyone!


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