My Future Letter to my Future Lifetime Partner

It’s the cheesiest month of the year… hello heart month and my favorite month 🙂

So here’s my first entry :

Dear Future Lifetime Partner aka HUSBAND,

I am Allyson, you can call me ally .I am writing this letter to you to tell you that I am your future ally. I am currently in the field of IT particulary in Testing and Support for software and hardware systems.Enough of my introduction of my work, I just want to keep this letter simple.

I may not promise you that I will love you forever but one thing I can prove to you that the moment I accepted christ as my saviour, I know that He loved me first unconditionally that’s why I can love you unconditionally.

In terms of household chores, I really know how to cook but as my biological father will say the food I cook are usually good if the individual eating is really really hungry. So I have to say I’m sorry in advance if I can’t make the right taste of the food,but please bear with me, and tell me honestly what it tastes so I can improved to make your meal palatable. I will be honest with you, I really am not good in ironing clothes, it will take me 30 minutes to complete one of my blouse,so I opt to buy wash and wear clothes but then I will try my best to iron your clothes specially your polo and coat. I also don’t know how to make neckties,but I am good in searching for youtube videos for studying the neck tie how to’s.I am also a person who likes and loves to have a very clean comfort room and also I am ok with putting the toilet sit up once i’m done using it,since I have lived with my father’s house for quite sometime so I learned that he always put the toilet sit up. I also love having coffee at home and making one for myself is my kind of thing,so I encourage you from time to time to make me a cup of coffee and it’s nice to share good stories over a cup of coffee. I also like to watch movies on cinema and sometimes I download it at home and just bought nachos and ice cream which we can share together too.

Lastly, I want to thank the Lord above for You because God has been faithful to His promises and one of them is you. You are one of the many blessings and answered prayer that God has fulfilled in my life. I know it will not be an easy task of being a wife to you but with God’s grace and love I can be the wife,friend,best friend and a future mom to our kids with the guidance and wisdom from God above.

Thank You


UPDATE: This letter will be sent to CHITO LEE JR 🙂


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