educational credential assesment procedure

It was of last year that I learned that after taking IELTS, I must take my Educational Credential Assessment in the designated institutions approved by the Canadian immigration.

After careful researching and studying, there are different institutions that you can choose from, but based on my budget I choose World Education Services which is an authorized institution for you academic credential assessment.

Here’s the requirement for you to get but this will be based in the country where the diploma and credentials were given for Philippines here’s the requirement:

What to Submit How to Submit
1. Clear, legible photocopies of all graduation certificates or diplomas issued by the institutions attendede.g. Associate, Bachelor, Master, Ph.D.


To be submitted to WES by applicant.
2. Academic transcripts issued by the institutions attended for all post-secondary programs of study To be sent directly to WES by the institutions attended.Please click here to download an academic transcript request form.
3. For completed doctoral programs, a letter confirming the awarding of the degree To be sent directly to WES by the institutions attended.Please click here to download degree conferral request form.


Here’s the procedure in applying for your ECA:

1. Go to their website: Click Me

2.  Click Apply, and it will give you the two option for existing account and creating account.Since I don’t have yet account with WES, so I registered and filled out the necessary information Link 

3. Once you registered they will send you a confirmation email and have to click it to activate it. Then after that you can start now your transaction with them.

4. After logging in, fill out the form “Personal Info” Tab and click Next.

5. Fill out the next form “Your Education” Tab and fill out the necessary information like the Country of Education, Name of Credential,Year Issued,Name of Institution, Institution Type,Years Attended and lastly I also fill out the 2nd credential, because for the first credential it will be for my Diploma and the latter will be for my transcript of records. Then click next.

6. Fill out the “Delivery Option”  Tab, I choose the  7 days delivery since it’s the only available according to their website.Click Next.

7. It will give you the “Submit Order Form”, this shows you the total amount you will pay for their service

Fee Summary (all currency in Canadian Dollars)

FSWP Credential Assessment Package $180.00
(Includes two assessment reports and electronic storage of your report and verified transcripts for future use)
Sub Total: $180.00
13% Harmonized Sales Tax (HST): $23.40
Total Cost: $203.40

Then You can have your payment option for credit card or cheque/money order,I choose credit card because it’s easier. For the cheque you have to provide it in Canadian bank accounts for it to be accepted.

Then click submit application for the payment form and delivery form. Just fill it out and it’s finish.

Finally, you have to send the form for the transcript of records, here’s the link: TOR_WES, and send it to your school and have them fill out the last part but be sure to fillout all the required fields on your end and sign it and give it to them and once the school released  your document , you must send it to the address specified on the form. For the Diploma, but the diploma must be certified true copy and must be sent  also to the address specified in the form for the transcript of record.

Lastly, the good thing about WES, they send you email, of the progress of your application , like if they received the diploma or tor and also if they are already sending the said file to you.

If you are a returning customer , you can logged in to this link: Click Me

and you can see your previous transactions and reports .

So that’s how simple it is, but it took time on my end because my school didn’t release the document on time, I applied on July 2013 and sent file diploma same month, but the school sent it around end of August 2013, but the WES they are really fast and they have good quality of service.

It won’t be success at all, if I haven’t asked for God’s wisdom and guidance on this process. It was because of Him that I endured patience and  push through with this application. To Him be the Glory!




6 thoughts on “educational credential assesment procedure

  1. Hi. Can I send the Diploma and TOR together? I’m planning to instruct my school to include a copy of my diploma to the TOR they will be sending to WES. This is to save on the shipping cost and to make sure that both documents will arrive on time.

  2. My question is . After the school fills the TOR_WES and releases the transcript .
    1- They should send it directly to Canada or they will send it to me and then I will mail it in Canada
    2- Should the transcript be translated in English or not ?
    3- Should we include the original diploma ? Will they return it back ? Can’t we send a copy of it ?

    • Hi erni,

      Here’s my reply:
      1. Yes the school needs to send it directly to wes. Wes will send you the result after they have finished reviewing it.
      2. I suggest for you to contact wes on this matter.
      3. As per the website,it was mention there as certified true copy for diploma. Don’t send original documents unless otherwise stated.

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