bank certificate or bank statement : why not both?

As for those who are reading my blog, since last year I have been preparing all my requirements for my application for immigration in Canada.  It was of last year of May 2013 that the  CIC opened up their door for engineers like me. I was just informed by the Tito of my significant half.So I checked on the website they have given for the requirements, but I will put another post and article regarding specifically for the forms that needs to be filled in. So for this post, it’s all about the settle funds, for the show money.

Here’s the link for the proof of funds that you need to show to immigration:

Proof of Funds to Canada Immigration

Since I have no employer yet in Canada, I must have a proof of funds to support my stay in Canada while I do my job hunting there.So the question now, how do I show them that I have enough money, it should be through my bank account

After careful research and based on the experience I had in applying for my visa in china,I opted to get a bank certificate and as well as statement of account within the last six months.Before I get my bank certificate and statement of account, I asked jap’s uncle if it’s possible to present two bank accounts, one here in Doha and the other one in Philippines. His uncle said it’s okay as long as it can be readily transfer to Canadians funds. So after a year of saving and some miracle provisions and praying to God for this amount, I have already exceeded the amount.

For the Bank in Philippines

Some banks in Philippines required you to fill out forms in getting the bank certificate and statement account. During my vacation in the Philippines, I got one form and filled it out and signed it. Also, I had a chance to talk to one of the supervisor of that bank and told me that I could authorized someone to get it on my behalf.So I created authorization letter as well as copy of 2 Valid Id for presenting. So the person I authorized went there and paid for the fee around 200 php. After a day, the paper was released with the bank certificate and the six months bank statement.

For the Bank here in Doha

I also authorized my father to process it on my behalf. I just give him authorization letter along with my QID copy. The bank released the statement of account of six months on the same day. The weird thing is that they didn’t release any bank certificate.

After my father got the statement of account, there were changes again so my advice is to check the link for the settlement of fund before you process your documents for proof of funds to avoid redundant processing. After that my father got the bank statement again and release bank certificate which costs 25 riyal which will be debited by your bank.

But all in all, what I really learned from this experience is to continue to trust God despite  the delays. I admit I worried because another payment for the processing. But during that moment when I realized I have to redo the printing of statement of account, I just lift it up to God and surrender it to Him. What He had said to me last january, a day before I left Philippines,

 “I will give you every place where you set your foot, as I promised Moses.”- Joshua 1:3

I hold on to his word, and then I received a call from our company that I have to meet with my boss .When I meet my boss he gave me the news which corresponds to one of my faith goal for 2014. True enough, He reminded me again of his promise to me, that this year and the years to come is the year of the Lord’s blessing.

It’s really amazing how God teaches us to rely on Him, and that His ways are really far and exceedingly different in our ways.  To Him, I lift up all my financial earnings because it is He who have given me this much. To you be the glory!

Lastly, I always check this website for opinions regarding the processing of immigration papers here’s their link:

Canada Immigration PEX

This where I got the insight on the difference of the bank  statement vs bank certificate .



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