Goodbye Freaky Friday 13th: Welcome Favored Friday 13th

I don’t believe in freaky Friday thing… but I believe things happens for a purpose and today we will justify this notion about Friday 13th to be ain’t true at all.

Last Friday, June 13th of this year I am assigned as one of the multimedia presenter for our Friday service.  At around 3pm, I started preparing all the needed presentations for the 7pm service that day. After attending also the practice with the music team(disclaimer: I’m not part of music ministry I wish I could but God has other plans for me ), I put everything and prepare all the materials for the multimedia part, putting a mental checklist in my mind :

  1.  Laptop and all wires connected to laptop — Checked
  2. Projector and it’s holder– Last time I left this ( memory gap ally)
  3.  Camera and it’s accessories
  4.  Bag of goodies nah , it’s more of the cables: male and female cables,hdmi cables and power extension wire.
  5. Big TV

So we waited for the clock to hit 6pm before going to the place where we will conduct the said service. After 30 minutes we prepared all the materials, so I moved everything out of the bag and lo and be hold, there’s one thing missing the 5V power cord for the splitter. I tried to search it all over the bags designated for our team. I tried calmly to set up everything until I told one of my church mate that we are missing a very essential piece. Then we tried calling people still left to check for it but they left already and on the way to the venue. So time is ticking, i was silently praying in my heart and asking for grace and wisdom to continue forward with the assigned task to me. My heart is trembling although I know people around me are also doing their best to find the power cable. But the enemy tries to attack me saying, that if and  only if you double checked the laptop bags, this chaos wont happen. So I say a little prayer,sorry Lord it’s really my fault,I didn’t thoroughly checked all our equipments. I still thank the Lord God above for giving people around me  who has genuine heart to serve Him and even one of them checked their home for the power cable. Until we decided that we can’t use the splitter and will just use the projector since the songs are new to us. So things are OK now, I just said sorry to our lead in our ministry. For the latter part, during the end of the service which will be the victory song part, the fuse in one of the power extension wire was ruined which leads to no power for the monitor and also some music instruments and receiver. What a Friday it is indeed, but finally the service ended with God’s grace on our side. The issues were never a coincidence, it’s never the outcome of the situation that God want’s us to see but it’s the way He provides during this unwanted and unexpected situations. He uses unexpected scenarios to see where our hearts leads us and to continue in trusting Him.

True enough: Apart from Him, we can’t do anything.  In the notion that it’s Friday 13th that bad things happens. I beg to disagree, but everyday we can see bad things happens but if we know who to lean on when things gets worst, prayer shouldn’t be our last resort but our very first option. After that, trusting Him should be our next step and lastly acting in faith that He will give us what we have prayed for.

So Good bye: Freaky Friday 13th  and welcome Favored Friday 13th 🙂

Lastly, the power cable was found in one of the boxes. Lessons learned prepare things thoroughly.


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