love at first carve

After more than 6 months of contemplating and praying for my new long board, finally dusty is home with me.

After careful study and checking reviews online, finally got my new cali glide by duster california. I call him dusty.

Here’s the specification:

  • Dusters Cali Glide Complete Longboard 8.75×39.
  • Dusters pintail longboards with a longer wheelbase for stability and a mellow concave for comfortable control. 62mm x 51mm 83a Dusters wheels.
  • Slant 180mm inverted trucks

It’s really hard to find a skate shop here in Doha, the only store that provides a limited brand of longboard (dusters california and sta.cruz T_T), is Go Sports which is located in city center and villagio mall.

What made me decide to use pintail? Simple, I like to do carving and cruising. I read some blogs stating different longboards for a specific purpose, so thanks to them because they have helped me in finding the right board for me. This is my first time to own a board, that is quite longer than my usual mini cruiser (penny and go with the flow board). It was really , hard for me to decide to buy it because everytime , I carry it with me, it really catch the attention of people, for the reason that I’m pretty blessed with petite body. So when I went to go sports in city center, they gave me chance to try it inside the store. I was like, what are you kidding me? The sales guy said yes you can mam.So I tried it and I fell inlove the first carving with my cali glide. So I bought it there, which costs around 1080 QAR and the best part of it, I got a free tool to use for it.

It’s been a week now, though doha skate spot is not that really good, I still use it near my home,because we were blessed to have a very good parking lot with a bonus of slanted area! Imagine the thrill in carving in slanted area lol! Best of all, I still thank the Lord God for providing me the courage and finance in getting this longboard.  I will be using this as a means of my transportation going to our pm. 😀

All glory to God!

Here’s my pic with my baby dusty:


me and dusty

me and dusty

Trivia:  If I call my long board as my child, can they call me mother board? lol

A geek joke there! Hope to put a smile on your face guys!

Keep pushing,skate and stoked!


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