a letter to cic

A couple of weeks  ago, I received a very not good news regarding my papers. After 5 months of waiting , one email to make me meltdown in tears.

I received an email stating that my documents are incomplete and was returned last may 26 2014. I was like, what year is it? Nah, it’s October. Not the kind of october I expected. I should be enjoying The 100, Walking Dead and Supernaturals but then I received ah not so good email from CIC.

I was really shock that very moment, actually while writing this, tears still fall on my eyes. I was really devastated. I had no one to talk about it since I am far from my family in bicol. I cried over night and didn’t get much sleep. I was in denial and even telling myself that it’s not true. It was really hard because, the first attempt when I am preparing my papers for 2013 FSWP, 2174 NOC, the said job code got capped. For 2014 FSWP 2173 NOC, almost everything is complete, all good to go but just like that, it’s deemed incomplete, worst case all my documents were not returned to me properly, up until now,  I haven’t seen my papers. I called CIC but no luck and even the QPost here for tracking, saying they didn’t receive any mail for me here. I wish my documents can be returned to me so that I will have full closure on this issue.So here’s my take to CIC:

Dear  CIC:

I really can’t understand why my application was deemed incomplete, what was lacking? was it the fund? Was it the certificate of employment? Am I incapable for the said NOC 2173? Do I need a family member there? I’m not angry at you CIC, I’m devastated not because I got incomplete, but another bridge had been burned in my hopes of being with the person I truly desire to have coffee with during the harsh winter, to see the cherry blossoms during spring season, to go camping during the summer and to step on and play on the crispy leaves during fall season. You are not the only country on earth but you got the most important person for me Japon and that hurts me most not being with him rather than getting incomplete status on my application. Anyway thank for the opportunity of applying.


As I end this entry, this verse reminded me that God has a better plan than my plan so I’m totally surrendering my immigration to HIM.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.- Jeremiah 29:11

To my readers: Thanks a lot for reading. I appreciate it. Please cover me in prayers.


4 thoughts on “a letter to cic

    • Yes the document got lost. I didn’t apply for this year express entry. I am currently preparing for our marriage this year. 🙂

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