he asked and we sealed it with a kiss

Long over due blog entry:

December 20, 2014:

An hour passed after I received a sms from my significant half that he is now queuing to get his luggage. The hour waiting time is not that long compared to more than 2 years of not seeing each other. After another minutes of waiting He texted me to meet him at a specific bay and yes my heart beats fast like a teenager meeting his long time crush. Then I saw his face and I just hugged him.(no kissing its public place).

After that we took a cab, and i was a bit silent during our travel. Until he holds my hand, it was indeed a priceless feeling. God I missed being around him. As soon as we reached our destination, our luggage were carried to our suit. My significant half went on to his luggage and telling this and that are his gifts for that person and this person. I was like yah no problem. But at the back of my mind I’m asking myself , why would he forgot about me.Then I asked him have you forgotten my apple green iPad?  He said yah, we just have to rest and I’ll give it to you later.

After we rest for a while, we prepared for our very first dinner date in almost 2 years of  not seeing each other. Before we went to the dinning area, my significant half , stood beside me and says “Di na ako mag speech ah”,

“Will You Marry Me” while holding a ring….. =)

And I was like “Seryoso” and He was inserting the ring already in my ring finger and I haven’t yet answered him.

So I answered him, “Wala nang Bawian ah”, Yes and we sealed it with a kiss.

As we order our meal, I was really shocked and still can’t get over of what happened and then he asked which one I like to have for dinner and we just ordered. After that he told me that it would be 2015 and we can start picking the date after the mid of the year of 2015. So we decided both it will be Oct 2015, at first the 15th but then decided to 18 due to infinity in number 8 and its a sunday and our future guests can’t say we can’t attend because our boss didn’t give us a leave.(nuff said) As we ended our dinner date, he told me that he and his family will go on the 26th of December to formally asks for my hand with my family. ( Aww so sweet)

So that’s how he proposed.

Our first pic as fiance :)

Our first pic as fiance  and the ring that seals our new journey

He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord.- Proverbs 18:22

By the way today is our 12th year anniversary! It’s just a coincidence that I happened to blog the proposal on our 12th year anniversary! 🙂


In my 2014 Faith Goal, one of my faith goal was to get engaged where jap will ask me to marry Him.


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