the hunt for our wedding suppliers begun

After the formal announcement of our plan in getting married to our family, we started hunting for our suppliers.

The Reception Venue:

Naga city is our hometown so both of us opted to be married in our local town. So we started hunting for our wedding reception. We sorted out everything, first we checked “Avenue Square”, and the sales representative Alu was very friendly and accommodating with us.She gladly toured us around the Hotel including the venue that we both like to rent. They call the hall as “The Tent”, it can accommodate guests of up to 150-250 heads. While Alu was telling us the different perks with their packages, Jap answered her , actually “bet namin to”, and Alu laughed and asks me “sure ka na mam ki sir”, and I just smiled at her. It’s one thing that we look forward to our supplier and that is if we can jive because we want our wedding to be handled by people who are cool. So we told her that we will discuss the matter and will get back at the end of the day to give our feedback. We stroll again in another place called “Royal Emelina”, at first glance of the area we were strucked by the ambiance but as we get to our pro’s and con’s ,we decided on grabbing the package from “Avenue Square”. So after paying the initial deposit , alu gave us the contract ,we were given a special privileged of having a food tasting due to the fact that both of us are leaving soon to go back to our workplace. We did our food tasting, the food is really good and we can’t wait to eat that on our wedding day. We asked Alu what she liked to eat and her preferences for the food, she eagerly told us the foods which she says is really good. Our point here is that, like Alu , our future guests is our priority here, we want them to enjoy not just the venue but including the food while celebrating with us.

The Hair Make Up Artist:

My sister in law to be ,suggested to me a HMUA and her name is Andreu Ariola.I goggle her and found her Facebook page, extremely interesting. With posts of before and after her make up for her clients,it was totally a makeover. It’s like I’m seeing Paolo Ballesteros of Naga City but way better than Paolo, why ? For the reason that the natural beauty of most Andreu’s client were enhanced by her skill.We meet in starbucks naga along with Jap. Andreu has agreed to meet us up but due to unavoidable circumstances and weather condition and at the same time she has prior commitment , we moved our scheduled time to latter hour. But still we meet Andreu and agreed to pay our initial deposit and gave us a contract to signed to.

The Photographer/Video grapher :

When we saw snappy’s video on his wedding last december, we were in awe with the video showed on his facebook account by Ronald Rebutica. So I messaged him, and ask for the pricing and all. After our conversations, I asked Jap if it’s ok with him. He answered it’s ok with me but remember Ronald told you before that they have a promo right? So I said, ill confirm with ronald. So I message ronald thru his facebook account and he said yes there is and up and until the end of january only. So I message Jap and he told me , he will send the initial deposit. So I told Ronald that we will send the initial deposit  for the package. After he had received from his end, he sent us our contract. Jap signed it due to issue in our scanner here. So it’s deal and done. Ronald message me asking if I can send our love story.I told him that I had blogged it already. But I made another one and sent it to him. The title was “When Geeks loves Infinity”. So our photographer./videographer will be Ronald Rebutica. Someone asked me why do you have only one photographer and videographer? I told them why not? :))

Wedding Entourage and Bride’s Gown:

My sister in law was the one who is incharge for the wedding entourage outfit and they booked a very good friend from Laguna. For my gown we opted to chose Bert Salvador, a family friend of Jap. His products were really good. I’m looking forward in working with him. But for now I will make my initial deposit for our agreed price later this afternoon.

Update: It will be from Tito Bert Salvador’s from bride’s gown to all the entourage. How cool it is 🙂

Cake Supplier:

I spoke and contact Carla Bongalonta for our cake and she gladly accepted the task and we have to pay her a month before the wedding. My mom will talk to her personally, it’s her task.

Wedding Coordinator:

Finally, after careful considerations and finding the right person to delegate our planning and coordination, my bhe and I decided to go select Alden Junio Gallarte. He’s one of the wedding coordinator in Naga. We chose him for simple reasons, he’s easy to go along plus most of the suppliers have had worked with him. We are eager to work with him the soonest. I’ll be depositing the reservation fee later (23rd of May).


On going selection

Here’s the website of our suppliers:

Reception: Avenue Square

Photographer and Videographer: Ronald Rebutica Cinematography

Hair and Makeup Artist: Andreu Ariola

Gown: Bert Salvador

Cakes: Carla Bongalonta

Wedding Coordinator: Alden Junio Gallarte

Thanks and God bless everyone!

To God be the Glory!


4 thoughts on “the hunt for our wedding suppliers begun

  1. Hi! Just read your post re HMUA. My friend is looking for HMUA based in Legaspi because her wedding will be in Misibis Bay. Can you help us with Andreu Ariola’s contact number? Please? 🙂 It would be of great help to us. My friend already sent a message thru facebook and maybe Andreu is so busy that she has no time in replying messages in FB. Hope to hear from you soon! 🙂 Thank you in advance 🙂

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