february why so good to me?

What happened in February 2015 stays and continually overflows in my memory.

This month is the month of loose screw like me. I jokingly call myself as loose screwed individual to emphasize the lack of something. But I can’t deny the fact that February is my birth month. I am thankful for that because I was given a chance to be part of the many February celebrants.

Well, I haven’t  been active lately on some of my social sites but it was a good time off for me on my social sites. I was able to use this month better than wasting my time. This blog summarizes what happened on what had happened to me.

Good bye windows , Hello Mac

I was deeply frustrated with an issue on windows 8.1 ,the wifi can’t connect properly on my router. I bought a new Lenovo with all the gaming specs, a gamer could have on a laptop but to my dismay, the wifi is badly damaged. But then the sales person had advised me to check another pc but same brand. But being in IT field, this bother some me. So i opted to buy a mac air instead of the gaming laptop. So right now I am happy and contented with what I have. I am currently using it for some web page coding, blogging, watching some online series and anime series and best of all I like it sleek design. I just need to buy a cute bag for this. Btw, last year I prayed for a laptop and God did answered me and its a mac 😉

Wedding Preparations Update

As of today,  I had finished the program and reception designed and sent it to my aunt in philippines for the mass productions. I still can’t show you guys our designs, but hopefully a month before our wedding i’ll post that here. For the website, finally we have almost 60% completed our website which is part of our wedding invitations and rsvp. We also had our reservation for our host and that is Suzette Ubalde . For the wedding invitations, jap is busy printing it using his 3D printer. I guess his really enjoying the mass production of our wedding invitations. We also had our florist and we are really blessed that we have a cousin who is overly talented in decorations and that is Raymond Palomares , Jap’s cousin. For our wedding favors, we have agreed on the simple design that we can purchased online. We also have paid half the price of my wedding gown with Tito Bert Salvador and he agreed with our design. I haven’t done my diet but I’m sure I will be ready before the 2nd of march :)Later this afternoon I will have my facial cleaning in Dr Hassan Clinic as part of the long preparations. So that’s  the February report .

It’s my Birthday ,We gonna Party now

I seldom ask people to attend my birthday party, but I individually approached some people to attend my simple pizza party  on the day of my birthday. Most of the persons that attended doesn’t know that it’s my birthday. They were shock that it was really my birthday, they just thought that I just wanted to have pizza party. But I am very thankful to God for proving me people who are guiding me and mentoring in the right path of life. They also prepared a special gift for me and I am thankful for that 🙂

So that’s how my february rolls. Whatever the issue or problem we may encounter, always remember that God doesn’t tell us that we will have a STORM FREE LIFE but a STORM PROOF LIFE.


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