DIY Invite for bridesmaid and maid of honor

I have found out that adrenaline rush, which comes out during emergency situation has a similarity with wedding preparation but it’s not the emergency thing, i will call it art rush skills. It simply means that  you must be skilled artistically to prepare for the details of your wedding preparations.

Recently, I frequently hang out on pinterest which is my cyber maid of honor and google which is dubbed as my cyber best man.They helped me a lot in conceptualizing and prepping for some details on our wedding.

So after a week of pinteresting and googling, and with the help and advice of my sissy in law, I have come up with the idea of sending card invite to all my bridesmaid and my maid of honor.

So I sent them a DIY card to the address they had given me. The catch here, is that the card and envelopes were all DIY(Do it yourself). I sent them via snail mail. Why snail mail in the midst of high end technologies nowadays? I guess, I wanted also to receive a snail mail and haven’t received anything for the past years.

So here’s the designed  I made:

Envelope DIY:

( I will post the link where I downloaded this,but I will surely find it and will post it (Liam Neeson Voice))

DIY envelope for maid of honor and bridesmaid

Card DIY:

( I will find the link for the format of the card , and will search for it again and post it)

I made the flow chart for our simple love story using this link : Flow Chart

I made this because both of us, can read and interpret flow charts and develops program using them. (Programmer and Qa Tester Story)

front and back card

Picture DIY :

I have asked one of my friend here in doha to take a picture of me in crepe away restaurant while holding a signage of “Will you be my bridesmaid” and “Will you be my Maid of Honor”. After taking a picture, I edited it using PhotoGrid App for android. How easy, right? Then I printed it using photo paper.


Yes I’m a DIY bride to be 🙂 I sent this to my bridesmaids and maid of honor and their reactions were really awesome. I will post here their replies as soon as I have access again on my social media sites.

I am deeply honored that God is providing me wisdom,skills and finances for the wedding preparations. As for my fiance Chito Lee Jr, he is one awesome guy who supports me a lot, and in return I am a full support wife to be. I just can’t wait to be called Mrs.Allyson Lee.

To God be the Glory!


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