Techy wedding Invitation

Jap, my fiance is assigned or volunteered to be the person in charged for the  preparation of our tech wedding invitation.

So first of all, I received an sms from him telling me, that he purchased the 3D printer and it’s kinda DIY too.

He was really excited in telling me that he is going to prepare for the wedding invitations. As soon as the packaged he ordered arrived, he prepared and assembled the 3D printer.

So here’s the picture:

3D Printer Demo 1 3D Printer Demo 3 3D Printer Demo 2

This is the part where he assembled the 3D printer.

3D Printer Demo 4

After assembling it, here’s the final form doing a print test.

I know how excited he is because I can feel it too. I’m also excited how our invitations will be. It will be for the best because we did it out of our labor of love (cheesy) !

Just a hint, the invitation will be linked to our wedding website and you must have a phone to use it. The site  will have our rsvp, the entourage, the location of our church venue, reception venue and most of the wedding details.But we will still have the traditional, paper invitation for some guests.

I can’t post yet the finished product of our invitation because we wanted it to be a surprised to our guests as well as our wedding website.

To God be the Glory!


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