curacne journey: 1st month

Brief walk through of my Acne History:

2000-2010- I have few zits here and there and a topical over the counter ointment will heal it.

2011 – This was the time I got addicted to diamond peeling and facial cleaning when I was still in the Philippines.

2012- I moved to Doha and this was the time my skin got crazy, it was maybe due to the extreme humid and hot weather.

2013- I was diagnosed to have acne vulgaris by one dermatologist here and recommended me to take tabucine for a month and magically my acne disappeared.

2014- A little zit there and here but still manageable. When I went back home in manila in the month of December , that’s when my skin went crazy.  I remember I overused the vatika hair treatment, i used it everyday to make my hair smoother, but in the end it made tiny zit bumps on my face.

2015- Around month of March, there was a huge sandstorm here in doha and every GCC country. Did I mention aside from having zits, I have severe allergic reaction to dusts. So my skin went crazy from the day the sandstorm started until the day I seek medical help from a dermatologist.

It was last month when my friends from church, nel and bevs advice me to check with their doctor. I was hesitant at first because I know it will cost me a fortune and not to mention I will be needing fund for our marriage this coming October 2015. But I prayed hard that this overwhelming zits will be gone by eating right stuffs ,exercising  and human intervention also thru a God sent dermatologist. It was the 5th month of April that I went to see a doctor here in Doha.  I was thoroughly assisted by the derma angels, really indeed they are God sent for the hospitality and very good assistance. When my doctor saw my face, you have acne and acne scars. What is your weight now? I told here around 43-44Kg. She diagnosed me with acne vulgaris and to be treated with curacne 40mg  for 4 to 5 months.After that she gave me a prescription of hyrdamax lip balm by Max-On. She told me also to have a facial cleaning. She also asked me if I am married,I happily answered, I am about to be wed by October 2015.She gave me a form to check my blood for cholesterol and for the liver too. She also discussed to me the following points:

  • You should not get pregnant during the course of the treatment.
  • You should limit your sun exposure and apply sunscreen often
  • The side effects are extreme drying of lips and skin.

April 6,2015 I started taking curacne but before I took it, I prayed for the medicine to be effective and that I will be able to see fast results and provide funds for this medication. One thing I was having problem was the budget for the laboratories, since I don’t have health insurance from our company, I will pay it from my own pocket. But I was moved by how God provided a way for me.I have a national healthcard here in doha where almost health services are free and cheaper and one of my colleague whom I  am working with advised and helped me to get a laboratory in government hospital. It was on the 8th of April that I went on fasting for the laboratory. As I went in the evening clinic I was happy that God was putting people along the way to assist me. It was a highly favored situation and my laboratory tests are finished. After a few days I went to clinic near our home and check with the results, the doctor said to me that it’s all normal and I asked her if I can have monthly laboratory to check for my liver and cholesterol. She said she can give me and just go to the clinic. Indeed another thankful and blessed situation. So here’s my 1 month update report for curacne journey:

  • My lips are so dry like the Sahara desert
  • My face’s skin is so flakey
  • During the first  and second week, my acne was horrible and it’s like my zits are having  a big  blast party in my face.They have been calling more zits to rise up and party in my face.
  • On the third week I noticed that more zits are drying specially my left cheek but I guess my forehead’s zit want’s to have another party galore on my face.
  • On the fourth week some zits just don’t wanna have fun anymore. They maybe got bored in my face and left hopefully for good.
  •  I also noticed that when I have a skin cut, the healing takes too long maybe due to medicine.
  • I also noticed back pain during the whole month but I compensate it off by having power walk 3x a week.
  • I took my curacne after breakfast.

Yesterday I went to have my facial cleaning and Karen did a great job by removing white heads and some zits. She even told me that it’s just few white and black heads and the swollen in my face due to extraction will be lessen by putting ice on it. I went to see my dermatologist and she asked me how was I with curacne,so  I told here what I mentioned from the bullets form above, except the partying stuffs. So she recommended me to take again  40mg per month and even asked me to buy two boxes for two months, Fusibact for my nose drying, and Avene (Clean-AC Hydrating Cream) for my face for day and night cream. By the way I also sought permission from my fiance and he fully support my curacne journey. Though I was grumpy lately, another side effect of this medication, it was not that alarming at all. As I always say: “Tiis Ganda para sa Wedding” ( sacrifice for the sake of beautification for our wedding). So to all that had helped me and God orchestrated to make my one month journey worth it, thank you! And God bless you more! Thank You father God for the provisions and making my skin better. 4 months to go pa Lord!

Curacne 1st Month Journey

To God be the Glory! ~♣ally♣~

2 thoughts on “curacne journey: 1st month

  1. Hi Ally. We are on the same journey. I am also Doha-based. Good to know you are reacting well to the meds. I just started mine on 14th May. I just want to know which clinic did you go to and where did you had your facial done.

    I’m on my 4th day and both my cheeks are dry and swollen. I guess zits are preparing to come to the surface. What’s worse than being in the purging stage. haha

    • hi rai, actually i’m already on my 7th week on medication and yes my skin is so dry like doha’s sand dunes :)) My doctor’s name is Dr. Sana and she is working in Dr Hassan Clinic along old airport road. I had my facial cleaning there and her name is karen and she’s also one of my churchmates, I can recommend you to them. She is very gentle in cleaning my face because she know’s i’m under curacne medication. I read some articles that the purging stage is a good indication for curacne working on your end. I will be posting my second month journey this coming june 1st week, and right now I am having just 2-3 zits. By the way who’s your doctor?

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