his and her’s wedding ring

Yesterday, Jap sent me thru sms a picture of our wedding rings. I will rate this as 10/10 not just because it’s pretty but the effort he had put into it, plus his creative shot. But i’ll be posting a picture with additional effects, it’s good to collaborate with my Jap. I’m not good with diamonds or golds or anything that bling blings. But they say diamonds is a girl’s best friend. But for me that would be google(just kidding).  I actually saw my wedding ring before jap bought his ring. My ring comes with my engagement ring last december 2014(very  sneaky attitude). Actually with all the preparations and haggling for finding the right suppliers indeed it was stressful to think of,but knowing we have God backing us up and Jap supporting all through out this journey, I know that it will be a great adventure for both of us , to infinity and beyond. Here’s the ring: Ring to Infinity and Beyond Time is the only difference that we have, it’s night time by now in vancouver and it’s day time here in doha. But we will end up in same time zone in Naga City where our relationship as couple started.

To God be the Glory!



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