groom invites his bride

Priceless- the feeling when a bride receives an invitation from her groom.

This was my reaction when the 3D invitation from my groom was handed to me by a dear friend of my sister in law who just came back from their recent trip from Vancouver. It’s kinda special delivery from my significant half, as I always say, it has his molecules on it.(lols my kind of expression since college years)

Kuya Guel and his wife Ate Mae, meet me at our flat here, and handed personally last thursday night the 3D invitations plus a small box neatly wrapped. So we had long talks and they are really encouraging me  on how cool and good it is to live in Vancouver.They stayed in Ate Marivi’s home and had a blast in Vancouver.They are actually resident now in Canada, but they came back to finish some stuffs here in Doha, before finally migrating in Canada.

As they bid goodbye, I thank them for bringing the package and may God bless their good souls. As soon as they left , I saw the package, which includes the following:

  • The 3D Printed QR Codes
  • Envelopes
  • Stickers for the Labels
  • Ribbons

I tried scanning the QR codes using QR Code Reader on my mobile and eventually it lead me to our website. How awesome and geeky that is? Yes I am amaze on how my significant half has this geeky idea. By the way the website is a collaboration between me and Jap. Once we finalize the guests lists and names we will distribute this one. Actually the QR Code Reader can be used as coaster. 🙂

Here’s a picture of the 3D wedding invitations:

If you received this, there’s an instruction at the back of the 3D QR Codes plus the Getting Hitched Card .

For the other small box, i’ll post separate entry for this one.

3D Wedding Invitation

To God be the Glory!


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