curacne journey: 2nd Month

So here’s  a quick update on my curacne journey:

2 months down and that means 60 capsules had been used up, nah, I accidentally threw up one capsule and forgot to drink one, so the total medicine i took is only 59 caps which means I have a total dosage of  2360 mg of accutane on my body. I am currently under 40mg per day.

So what had happened in the past few weeks, aside from the fact that I have zits here and there, yeah I was very highly favored and blessed to meet one person in the name of Anna who works in one of the hospital here who is also undergoing the same journey as I am. It’s really good to know that someone is also going thru the same treatment and you too can share the same agony on the drying of lips and skin. So the question right now, how did I meet anna,we are lurking on the same website called the, when she sent a personal message.I replied to her and encourage her to push through with her medications. No one said that to me before, so I highly encourage her and sent her some pictures of mine thru whatsapp and instantly we got connected because we are also aiming for same goal and that is to have a clear skin after the said treatment.

Then as we share the do’s and dont’s on caring tips , been sharing her the tips for the drying lips, been hording lip balm and lip moisturizer. I also bought the Aveene Face Cleanser that is used for curacne treatment. While Anna and I are actually chatting in whats app , I mentioned to her that I will be on laboratory testing, then she told me, come at the hospital I work, I will draw blood for you. Another favor from the Lord , she works as a Medtech, she really is a blessing. My father and I went to meet her and bring her some breakfast for her and honestly she’s really good. She even draw blood for my father to be tested also which will be used for his check up. So the tests went all normal for me. Did I mentioned also that the pasta that I made is not good, haha I cooked it the day I am fasting haha, and I felt deeply sorry for her. Next time I will prepare it before the fasting.

So what did I experienced, there was a week that my face had only 3 big zits and a week that had one big zit on my lower chin.

I’ve pretty got used to it that I can cover them up with light pressed powder. But as my period calendar, suggests that I am actually having my ovulation and all, the zits are having a blast on my left cheek. It was not the typical zit with pus, but a zit that is clear and hard. I have also a zit on my upper lip, this zit keeps coming back on same location every time that my menstruation is about to start.  Yes Ive been eating unhealthy foods last time and that includes chips and chicken that’s why maybe the zits are so happy that they can party again in my face. But as soon as this cravings before the suffering (if you know what I mean) ends, I will be back again to eating healthy. I also skipped some of my exercise routines due to unavoidable circumstances( we lost again a tenant, the lazy ally returned and my hormones makes me moody).

I’m thinking of having a facial cleaning again in Dr Hassan, but I’m too lazy to do it. But i’ll contact one of my friends there and schedule one, 🙂

So here’s the favorite part of the reader, the before and after pictures of me:

Curacne Journey 2

To God be the Glory!


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