curacne journey: 3rd Month

I had severe and extreme dryness of my lips & skin rashes formed in my hands. Aside from that I just regularly took the medicine. My skin had gotten  a bit sensitive.One time I’m frying some hotdogs and eggs when a little oil splash on my right hand. I didn’t care that much until I realize the next day, it got burned. Until now the wound formed out of burning is still in the process of healing. I hope everything will be okay, after this treatment.

So I meet up yesterday my doctor and nel. The doctor told me that she will give me 2 boxes for the complete 5 months of my therapy.She also said to me that you have comedones and she suggests that I have a facial cleaning. So I paid for the check up and thanks to nel it was really smooth check up for me. She’s really a blessing. 🙂

So I bought also the two boxes of medicines and took one yesterday. I spoke with bevs to schedule my facial cleaning this week or next week, just correct timing for ramadan off days. I’m hoping that it will be less scarring on my face since the countdown to our wedding is fast approaching.

For the laboratory, I haven’t schedule it due to clinic timing during Ramadan is not favorable on my end. Praying for good timing for these.

So here’s the updated picture progress as well as the skin rash formed in my hand, but it is somewhat blurred but I assured you that it was a skin rash and healed when I used fusibact as a cream for skin rashes.

3rd Month

Thank God most of the acne scars are gone. Some of my zits are caused by hormonal changes as I approached to my shark week.

I actually thank the Lord above that despite my circumstances in finances and work matters, He still provides for me and He didn’t let my acne party again on my face.

Some posts on 3rd month on accutane states that most of their acne is cleared. On my end I still have 3 big zits and the rest are some white heads that’s ready to purge out anytime of the day. Can’t wait to do a facial and tell all my comedones, you’re not welcome to stay on my face.

To God be the Glory!


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