curacne journey: 4th Month

Where did my fourth month go? Well I had fun why because I got used to having breakouts on my face here and there but  one or two zits on the 4th Month, it’s like a real miracle. Thank God for this ! 🙂

So I noticed a big difference now on my fourth month, I rarely see zits on my face, it was like the best month in my curacne journey. My doctor then told me to get facials to remove some stubborn white heads and pimple underneath my face and handed me her prescribed medicines. So I contact bevs and had scheduled my facial the next day after my check up.  On the scheduled day of my facial, I went early to meet wheng,bevs and nel and her sister. I brought some chicken and ice cream for a dinner with them. Wheng also prepared sinigang baka , it was delicious. Actually, I was amazed by this ladies, they are working in one of the good clinic here in qatar, and they are really hardworking and sometimes we all know work can be toxic from time to time. But everytime I see them in our church, they don’t look stressed. My guess will be , if you laid out your work to God, then you know who you are working for. A simple context of leadership in a career, that I also sometimes try to complicate. But thanks derma angels for reminding me this very simple context of being a servant to God but serving in excellence to earthly master to glorify His name.So bevs and I went to the facial room, and boy have I told you, bevs is really good in doing her job, didn’t felt any pain but being on accutane, my skin was really sensitive and it ripped off easily. We finished it and the white heads and some unwanted minions as I call them are gone.  So after 3 days my skin looks good now and left few scars not from the facial cleaning but more of me pricking them.  Aside from taking religiously my curacne pills , on a day to day basis, I also incorporate the following regimen on  my daily activity:

  1.  Eat more fruits: Cucumber/Oranges/Kiwi/Banana ( 1 pc of each everyday)
  2.  Drink more water with lemon zist
  3.  Drink Green Tea
  4.  Eat less oily foods
  5.  Exercise by having power atleast 2x or 3x per week.
  6. Pray that God will help me in accomplishing this because as human I can’t do it on my own.

Lastly, I have to confess I did not went to check my blood status. I really have no time. It’s my fault too and because of schedule conflict I can’t go to the clinic. I also noticed that rashes on my hands are still persistent but I put on some anti itching ointment and fades away quickly. Dry lips and dry skin is always there but you just have to focus on the goal- clear skin. This is the same in all life circumstances, we may felt giving up but remember the main goal and don’t look at the current circumstance.

So here’s the updated picture from 3 Days,30 Days, 60 days,90 Days and 120 days:

Progress Accutane Journey

Progress Accutane Journey

While blogging and during this curacne journey: I never thought God will use this issue to encourage one I am engaging and having one to one. True enough God’s way is amazing in connecting the puzzles in our lives.

To god be the Glory!


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