wedding website up and running

After Jap finally finished all the qr codes invitations and save the date card, he send it to Philippines and ask our friend, Ronald and Tots to distribute some of them to our guests. I did not yet send the invitations here in our Barwa Office and West bay office. I’m planning to give them before september ends.

How is our 3D QR Code Invitations linked to this post?

The answer is quite simple:

You have to scan the 3D QR Code with QR Code App on your mobile devices and it will give you the link to the website that both me and jap had worked on for quite sometime.

So the website is composed of  the following pages:

  • Home
  • The Wedding
    • The entourage
    • Let Us Know
  • Blog
  • Entourage
  • RSVP

Home- This is the landing page which consists of

  • Save the Date
  • Count Down to Wedding Ceremony
  • The Bride and Groom Pictures with Introductions
  • The Entourage  Picture Rolling
  • The Blog Posted
  • The Venue
  • The Reception
Upper Part Home Page

Upper Part Home Page

Middle Home Page

Middle Home Page

From the picture above , you can clearly see our motif, yes Teal, Black and  little touch of white.

I kinda don’t like the picture that my  bhe posted there, but  as per his preference, he likes my photo under the bride section. Well in fairness, I also like his picture, but I will tell Ann, that he cropped her in the image. That’s silly of him, but his cute and very handsome and look at his eyes.. my jap , my chinitong chito 🙂 The blog area is composed of how our story as a couple unfolds and of course our very own proposal story.

I won’t discuss the details of the website but  I will focus more on RSVP page:



So our rsvp, jap and I collaborated together in coding/testing this part. Well as we all know google is our bestfriend specially in coding. So I research on how to make an RSVP linked to google documents. So after carefully studying and finding a solution. I told jap to try the said solution and bwahaha, I have one great fiance, who codes very good.After he developed the said rsvp page, he asked me to test the rsvp. After trying different scenarios, I told him, passed no more revisions or fixing. So that’s how a dev and qa  hangs out.

Now we are receiving some of positive response on our website. But I wont yet share the website link for the moment, until RSVP is complete.

Thanks for reading!

To God be the Glory!


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