diy wedding church and reception program

I actually started preparing for the church and reception wedding program design and flow last may 2015. Pinterest was my buddy here in organizing my thoughts and ideas on how will I create our program. My sister-in-law, Ate marivi suggests to use a wedding fan design, so I said yes to it. It will be cool after all. 😀

So after careful researching, I came up with an idea of instead putting the programs into words why not put it into picture? Ok that will be a silly idea, because maybe you can’t picture in your mind nor imagine how in the world you will be able to put pictures or images in a program. So with these in mind, together with google, I gathered all the pictures I can search and that are needed in creating a fabulous program for our DIY wedding program.

Being in the IT world, I rarely use MS OFFICE, most of the time I hate it because that will require me again to document which is tedious but it’s part of my job. So I used MS OFFICE to make my wedding program fan using clips of images I collected from different websites. I can’t remember which site, but to those I have used website, please forgive me for not mentioning you guys,but thank you so much and God bless your website and may all the traffic be in your site.

So the front page of the fan has the entourage icons plus their name and even the church ceremony flow:

  • Wedding Bells Ringing
  • Bride Entrance
  • Groom Receiving Bride
  • Preacher preaching
  • The Wedding vows
  • First Kiss as Hubby and Wifey
  • Lantern Flying
  • Hubby and Wifey escape to Reception

The back page will have the reception flow:

  • Guest Arrival
  • Entourage Parade
  • Prayer
  • Opening Speech
  • Wine Toasting (Planning to infuse wine with Helium gas so they may sound minions lol)
  • Dinner(My favorite part)
  • Combination Dance by Mother/Groom and Father/Bride Dance
  • Turn over of mom and dad to bride and groom first dance as hubby and wifey
  • Cake Cutting
  • Bouquet and Garter Throwing
  • Party Time (Unlimited Bar Drinks)

So here’s our draft and almost final, sorry if there was err on the time when I screenshot that from MS Office in my mobile, but it was fixed already:

wedding fan DIY

wedding fan DIY

I shall post the complete one once I got an image from my aunt Helen who currently works on the details of making our wedding fan diy possible.

To God be the Glory!


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