curacne journey: Finale

I’m off curacne pills for almost 12 days. Yesterday I meet with my doctor and my derma angels, rai and nel had helped me again for the nth time. I think I was the last patient yesterday. But I thank the Lord God above for providing people who had helped and pushed me with the said treatment as well as provisions for the finances and courage from God to continue and finish the treatment despite the side effects.

When I was assisted by rai since nel is still with another patient, one of the derma angels , I guess the name says derma angels because their uniform is sky blue and their face are angelic as well as their hearts., so when the doctor saw me, her reaction was : I didn’t recognize you and says mashaallah ( “God has willed it”)  that my face had healed. She put on her eye gadget to check for any spots on my face. I felt that she’s using iron man’s gadget, and she’s doing a calculation and using ore reactor or something. Yes dear readers, I have a wild imagination and please bear with me.  So after the checking she said your cleared but you have to be back after 2 months, to see if your face gets oily and we will provide something for you. She didn’t say if its a medicine or anything,but I kinda love surprises. So she also asked what I’m currently using for my face wash, I told her aveene, and she said try to use it every other day because it will make your skin dry. I also asked her if there’s a chance that my acne will return.She answered me by asking my age and I was like uhmm yeah I’m 29 years old. She said, usually those that are in the age group of teenagers and 18 are the ones that has issues. But I believe you will be on the 90% who had been healed.The doctor told me I can get preggy after a month, yes just in time for my October wedding. At the back of my head, I pray 100% for this and I believe that my father in heaven used the doctor, medicine and people who had helped me to finally achieve this flawless skin. So we ended our discussion and I asked rai, how much I have to pay for the consultations, she said no need, I was really hesitant but she said no need and she firmly said it. I’m thankful and grateful for this special favors, I believe I can return the favor soon. I’ll surprise this derma angels as a token of appreciation. I have an idea already. But i’ll keep this as a secret.

So I went home, with a happy heart, a joyful and victorious treatment on my 5th month of curacne journey which has ended today. Cheers to a flawless skin to infinity and beyond.

So here’s my shameless curacne journey: 3 days,30 days,60 days,90 days,120 days

Progress Accutane Journey

Progress Accutane Journey

Finale Face on my 5 month curacne journey

Finale Face on my 5 month curacne journey

Ally approves curacne 🙂  Sorry for my eye bags, I’m trying to sleep 8hrs a day but my excitement for my flight goin homey as well as my wedding day, is getting my eye bags and sleep hours worst.

My skin feels dry but I’m not using anymore the aveene cream moisturizer, the drying of lips and face had subside but I still use lip moisturizer. In my 5 months of taking curacne, I will never regret having the patience, constant applying of lip balm,lemon water splurging, green tea overload, oatmeal galore,walking/zumba till my back hurts, and lastly smiling and having the joy that the Lord has provided me.

To God be the Glory!



2 thoughts on “curacne journey: Finale

  1. hi miss ally, can you share how can i meet also your derma angels and get an appointment for facial cleaning, thanks! ☺

    • Hi rowena, i can give you the website link: and the person I know there are nel,bevs,rai,jecai,aiz and many more 🙂 They are all experts in their field of profession as a healthcare practitioner so I assure you 100%, you will be taking cared of. 😉

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