find a chair and wear a flair

So as the saying goes, find a chair and wear a flair.. classy and classic 😀

Special thanks to Kuya Guel for the seat design ! Kudos Kudos! He totally nailed the design.

We are just expecting a simple design but dear Lord ,so when we received yesterday thru email, the design –we are both in awe with kuya guel’s design. So here’s a background for our design, we wanted to name the tables with different programming languages. So C and C++ will part of our table designs.  So jap and I were thinking about hardware stuffs signifying that both of us are not just on the software side but also in the hardware side,so we kinda think of integrated circuits(IC) and breadboard, not the one that you bake and eat but where you put your resistors and capacitors. So that was just our rough ideas. Then  ate marivi suggested that we seek kuya guel’s talent on seating design. Indeed another best advice from ate marivi.

So right now, we opted to have the one with the white design. I’ll be messaging kuya guel and meet them up with ate mae so we could have dinner before I left for the #JapAlly101815ToInfinityandBeyond .

Here’s a screen shot for our seat design :

This is just a draft design and it will be final once we printed this one!

Draft Design

To God be the Glory!



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