nude look makeup survival kit

I have survived the curacne journey and it’s time to shop for a good make up for my girly girly alter ego.

It may sound absurd but I could be the boyish who loves to do some ollie tricks and carving tricks on my pintail board and the alter ego would be the ally who knows how to do tricks on how to have a nude and no makeup look without hassle bussle of putting the right makeup.

So Allaine , my colleague, is a makeup artist/photographer here in Doha. So I message her and pull all of my courage to tell her, master teach and help me to find the best makeup brands for my super sensitive skin. So we went to gulf mall and had our one of the best girly bonding moment.

First stop:

Sephora at Gulf Mall

Every girls shade of lippy and makeup blush is found here. Well if I can just have a little of everything here, it could be colorful kind of ally ayt?

But our budget is constricted so , we have to check our reality against fantasy! 😀

So first I bought the makeup kit from Benefit. I find it kinda cute aside from the design is like a book , and oh boy the cover itself is so cute. I’m on the medium side as per the makeup seller and as per allaine it’s on the light side but I told her I like the color of the box, so we bought it because I like the box and it’s ok for my skin, not too dark and not too light, just right in the middle.

The makeup set contains:

* the POREfessional PRO balm to minimise the appearance of pores
* hello flawless oxygen wow “I’m so money” honey brightening makeup
* boi-ing 02 & 03 industrial-strength concealer
* “hello flawless!” “I’m cute as a bunny” honey custom powder cover-up

Here’s the picture :

makeup starter kit

I love the over all packaging, it’s unique and it suits me because I can have them in this tiny little cutie package has tips and tricks too as well as the mirror. Top that 😀

So the makeup kit is settled, we need to find the best lippy for now, our go to is mac lipstick,so allaine and I went to mac store and oh boy, for a lippy addict like me, it was like a must have and a necessity to shop there but then budget comes first, wedding first before shopping galore.I told her, I want to have a luscious pink, but I still prefer her preferences. So we went to check and till we found the perfect shade for our nude look everyday look target,it’s mac lipstick matte mehr. After paying for it , we went to have our dinner at nandos and we still have our lipstick on. So much girly shopping for us.

After our bonding we went back to another store to get another shade of lipstick as well as lip pencil and blusher as per allaine I have to have it. So we went to max factor area, and it’s a buy two get one free, oh for the love of God’s favor. So allaine ,adviced me to buy Max Factor Colour Elixer Lip Liner,Max Factor Lip infinity 215 Constantly dreamy , and of course the blush on Max Factor Puff Blush Seductive Pink.

By the way here’s the picture of our makeup nude setup:

*For the chanel powder beige 30, i alternate it with the honey face powder and for the mascara, it was a free gift from my housemate who sold me the chanel powder. The dior pouch was given to me by allaine, isn’t she’s sweet .

2015-09-29 07.47.56

Thanks allaine for this sweet gesture of giving me your spare time before you leave doha for good. It was really a real friendship that we have had  here. Thank you for the dior pouch for my makeup haul. Now see you in the big day.

Thank you Lord for the provisions and guidance and for orchestrating people for me to have a good pick of my nude makeup look.

Trivia: Earlier ago, I told Jap I haven’t blog for some weeks, then he said go, and good job on my blog. Jap brings out the best in me by just encouraging me. Thank you Lord, I’m marrying Jap 😀

To God be the Glory!


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    • I will soon, but I will post soon, as I am preparing for my wedding this coming october. I will be posting the website that we had collaborated with my fiance who happens to be a developer for website. (Fangirling mode on my fiance) 😀

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