how to apply marriage license in philippines

This is my first post as mrs ally moreno  lee, yes I now belong to the married class status and I am very happy and blessed to be a wife to my now husband Jap Lee. But before we get to the details of how our wedding went through, I will be blogging first of how to process marriage license in philippines particularly in Naga City Camarines Sur.

Jap and I are both out of the country so we just gathered the requirements through the help of our loved ones in the philippines.

So here’s the list of the requirements according Naga City Hall Civil Registry Office:

  1. Personal Appearance for the ages of 18 and above and should be resident of Naga City.
  2. Birthcertificate from NSO for both parties.(Original or Certified Copy and 1 Photocopy)
  3. Applicants are required to bring their valid identification cards with 2 Photocopies.
  4. Applicants are required to bring their Baranggay certificate with 1 Photocopy.
  5. 2 copies of 1×1 picture.
  6. Certificate of No Marriage Certificate (CENOMAR),Original and Photocopy.

These are the requirements for the age bracket 25 years old and above, I’ll be attaching an image for the complete marriage license requirements for ages 18 and above.The requirements is a bit long if you are from 18yrs to 24 yrs so, as the lazy in me would advice, those who wants to get married, please chose the latter option, get married when you are 25ish and above.

So we gathered the requirements with the help of our parents and aunts. But there’s online site for NSO and CENOMAR and it will be delivered right at your front door. Here’s the E-Census Link. There’s an instruction on their website and hopefully it will reach you in no time.

After we gathered the requirements, the last thing which is far important is our physical appearance in the city hall’s registrar’s office. Jap and I flew to Manila last October 4,2015 and booked the earliest flight to Legaspi since most of luggages are 40Kg above. So as soon as we landed to legaspi, Jap’s parents picked us up and off we went to city hall.

As soon as we reached city hall’s marriage license area , we were given a 3 forms to be completed. So each form we completed it. The lady told us that we will have our marriage license ready by 16th of October 2015 around lunch time. Thank God it’s just right in time for our wedding date which was on the 18th of October 2015.  May I also add that the marriage license has a validity of 3 months from the time it was filled. This marriage license is also a requirement for our church wedding.

So true to their word, we got our marriage license and we got wed last 18th of October 2015. As soon as our church wedding finished, We got our marriage license from the church and filed it in the civil registry . We requested for an advance copy and paid around 450 php. The lady who assisted us gave another set of paper and told us to go to NSO and have them signed and received. So off we went to NSO in Naga area. After we gave them the paper, they told us that we can get our NSO Marriage License on the 21st of November 2015. We will be using this for our application for family sponsorship 🙂

Marriage License Requirements

Marriage License Requirements

To God  be the Glory!



2 thoughts on “how to apply marriage license in philippines

  1. Hi there I saw what you two went through the for the marriage in the Philippines. And because me and my fiancée are in the same boat we were curious if you went for the premarital course or not. I did see the pic for the application and said 18-24 but wanted to make sure of that. We are 30 and 32

    • actually, there’s no seminar in the city hall, for getting marriage license. If you are going to have church ceremony, they have seminars conducted.

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