the prenup video and photos

So how did we end up with a very gorgeous shoot location and simple yet elegant pre nup shoot? Thanks to Ronald’s ideas and input for our prenup video/photoshoot. So the idea was just simple as the concept of long distance relationship, there will be split screen from the moment we woke up until the time we were together.

The location was shoot entirely in stonehouse garden located entirely in the very heart of Naga, in panicuason area. How did we both book them?  I sent an sms to the care taker and deposited a specific amount to reserved for the said date which is the 15th of October. So finally we book them. As a background for the shoot location, Stonehouse garden is located in Panicuason Naga City at the base of Mt Isarog National Park, Naga, Philippines. So we went there early in the morning of the 15th of October with the crew  of Ronald Rebutica Team and the Andreu Ariola Glam team as for the hair and makeup of yours trully.

In all honesty the weather is not that good actually, it’s kinda chilly but it drizzles from time to time. But we enjoyed the view, since stonehousegarden is very beautiful aside from the very scenic view that I seldom see here in Doha. The infinity pool is superb and the mountain view is very relaxing and the sound of the chirping birds and the breezy air makes me want to just stay there for a week of vacation. So as we entered the place, andreu prepare everything and had me dolled up by aa (one of the superb hairstylist I have ever meet). While on the other hand, Jap prepares for his solo pictures c/o by our female photographer, emz which pretty cool and easy to work with, and with the videography crew, woody and yes I forgot the other guy’s name and of course our video editor bambi.

So to cut the story short, when andreu and aa finished my makeup and hair style, my fiance Jap when he saw me , he gave a thumbs up. So that means, approved and let me share you this videos for prenup avp and video teaser for our wedding and let me know if it’s really approved.

Here’s our prenup avp:

Here’s our video teaser:

To God be the Glory!



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