blessed fruitful marriage year 1

It’s been a long time, I guess i’m too busy for the past few months. I haven’t blog in a while. In all honesty, I’m just lazy but I guess the blogger in me still kicks in despite several months passed.

So today, I wanted to blog our one year anniversary of marriage. Yes we are still in the long distance relationship but I believe God promised us this verse:

Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.- Mark 10:9

We are holding on to His promises to us because He is a faithful God. My husband and I maybe miles apart but His grace is sufficient for us to overcome every issues that comes along our way. So what happened to our one year of anniversary? It’s very simple, my husband sent me a pretty flower and I received it here in the office and it was really a surprise for me since we are undergoing another transition in our season of marriage(a very good one), we may not be physically present for our first year of anniversary,but God’s grace is sufficient for us and His promises are within in our heart to overcome the thought of longiness for each other. We have been faithfully waiting for His right timing for us to be together and we still hold on to His promise that this year will be the completion of His promise to us.

Here’s a quick snapshot of  my hubby’s sweetness galore >.<

thank you bhe for these flowers they reminded me of fresh start. Cheers to a million years of blessed marriage life. Dangatoon taka bhe sobra

To God be the Glory!



wedding website up and running

After Jap finally finished all the qr codes invitations and save the date card, he send it to Philippines and ask our friend, Ronald and Tots to distribute some of them to our guests. I did not yet send the invitations here in our Barwa Office and West bay office. I’m planning to give them before september ends.

How is our 3D QR Code Invitations linked to this post?

The answer is quite simple:

You have to scan the 3D QR Code with QR Code App on your mobile devices and it will give you the link to the website that both me and jap had worked on for quite sometime.

So the website is composed of  the following pages:

  • Home
  • The Wedding
    • The entourage
    • Let Us Know
  • Blog
  • Entourage
  • RSVP

Home- This is the landing page which consists of

  • Save the Date
  • Count Down to Wedding Ceremony
  • The Bride and Groom Pictures with Introductions
  • The Entourage  Picture Rolling
  • The Blog Posted
  • The Venue
  • The Reception
Upper Part Home Page

Upper Part Home Page

Middle Home Page

Middle Home Page

From the picture above , you can clearly see our motif, yes Teal, Black and  little touch of white.

I kinda don’t like the picture that my  bhe posted there, but  as per his preference, he likes my photo under the bride section. Well in fairness, I also like his picture, but I will tell Ann, that he cropped her in the image. That’s silly of him, but his cute and very handsome and look at his eyes.. my jap , my chinitong chito 🙂 The blog area is composed of how our story as a couple unfolds and of course our very own proposal story.

I won’t discuss the details of the website but  I will focus more on RSVP page:



So our rsvp, jap and I collaborated together in coding/testing this part. Well as we all know google is our bestfriend specially in coding. So I research on how to make an RSVP linked to google documents. So after carefully studying and finding a solution. I told jap to try the said solution and bwahaha, I have one great fiance, who codes very good.After he developed the said rsvp page, he asked me to test the rsvp. After trying different scenarios, I told him, passed no more revisions or fixing. So that’s how a dev and qa  hangs out.

Now we are receiving some of positive response on our website. But I wont yet share the website link for the moment, until RSVP is complete.

Thanks for reading!

To God be the Glory!


IM-possible issues being investigated

This is a sequel to my previous post

complains that’s too complicated to comprehend

For the past few days I have attended the Mid year Prayer and Fasting 2015 here in ENQ. But this will be a separate post. For now I’ll be posting one of God’s way of saying,Hey Ally I got you covered.

So here it goes:

After sending some emails and distributing some forms for my evaluations, I finally got all the needed feedback  to back up my inquiry for the said evaluations and performance review.

When I am asking them to send me feedback I was asking God for wisdom,guidance,truthful feedback. I asked them in humility, God knows my heart that I am really shy in asking for feed back.The first feedback I received was really positive feedback, after few days the feedback that really touched my heart was the feedback from one of seniors that I am currently working, that moment it got me really teary eyed. Indeed if you don’t ask boldly, you will not receive it. After waiting for how many days, I made a survey form for my job. It’s a bit easier than constructing an email.So after printing it , I was really hesitant in giving it to me. So I seek the Lord and told him, I’m scared, what if they reject me? what if they say I am not good in supporting them? what if… Then I was  reading the following verses:

Do not be afraid of them, for I am with you and will rescue you,” declares the Lord.– Jeremiah 1:8

This verse has been posted on my fb acccount on June 27 2011, June 27 2012 and June 27 2015 in The Lord is so sweet to remind me of these verses that has been with me during the very first part of my walk with Him.

One night the Lord spoke to Paul in a vision: “Do not be afraid; keep on speaking, do not be silent. For I am with you, and no one is going to attack and harm you, because I have many people in this city.” – Acts 18:9-10

I was reading this as, one of my daily devotions, I was like Ally, obedience brings blessings.

I still didn’t give it not until I prayed for it and asked to be cover in prayer with my prayer buddies(Cha,coeli,cherry,sandy and ate jan) here in Doha.

After that I boldly gave the feedback forms and they even told me when do you need these. I told them if it’s possible today so I scan it. They said, sure. After giving the feedback forms, I was really in peace. This is a common sign when you know that you are doing something that is align to His will.

When I got the feedback form they were all positive results. I thank the Lord above for bringing people like them. After a couple of days, I received feedback from one of the person that is in charge of the most people I worked with, in the email he praised my effort and work. He even told me that there were no complains on the way I work with them.

Yesterday, I woke up to these verse:

For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline- 2 Timothy 1:7

He reminded me of these verses again, the day I received the news on complains about me. I was again the coward ally. But God has really a unique way of reminding me and so I declared all the verses He gave me and act in faith that He who promise is faithful. So I prayed and even asked some of my prayer buddies to pray for me.

I composed the email, but was hesitant to send it. So I ask one of my prayer buddy coeli, and she gave a lending hand to correct my email.She even prayed with me together with cherry, ate jan and sandy. They are actually encouraging me and declaring God’s promises to me. What I can’t put in words in my email, coeli put it in words for me. Truly she has a gift for it and thank God for her.

So we sent the first inquiry, then after few minutes we receive email reply from them telling me the reason was for the not so good feedback as well as performance.So I started again replying and attached all the emails and feedback that I have gathered.Coeli edited it for me again and made it actually more comprehensive.So when I sent it again,I just surrender to God, in my prayer I just obeyed you father God. What ever the answer or reply I surrender it to you and hit sent.

Up until now I still have no reply email from them. Now the I just obeyed Him.

Backreading this post, I saw several pray and ask prayer. It was the first and last move that I had made prior to seeking and inquiring of the Lord. Yes, I do ask Him first before I do something. Why? Because I am relying on Him in everything I am doing. It is also an act of worship and total surrender to Him that apart from Him I am nothing.

That’s it, what ever happens I know God is with me and the battle is the Lords! I know impossible issue that’s being investigated becomes I’M POSSIBLE with GOD

To God be the glory!

unboxing the pandora box

So there was this small box that came with the wedding invitation from my bhe.  When I opened it, I was kinda thinking maybe a ring again? ( abusada!)

The box was a  pandora box! A box of bracelet with charms! It’s a gift from my groom and her sister so I am grateful and thankful.The design was simple , it has a studded lights teal which was given as a charm by ate marivi and infinity charm from my significant half plus the bracelet that comes with it. I guess i’m going to collect now, I kinda like four leaf clover charms 🙂 I will check this in Lagoona Mall here.

Here’s the picture of my pandora bracelet plus the pandora owner lols 🙂

unboxing the pandora charm

To God be the Glory!


groom invites his bride

Priceless- the feeling when a bride receives an invitation from her groom.

This was my reaction when the 3D invitation from my groom was handed to me by a dear friend of my sister in law who just came back from their recent trip from Vancouver. It’s kinda special delivery from my significant half, as I always say, it has his molecules on it.(lols my kind of expression since college years)

Kuya Guel and his wife Ate Mae, meet me at our flat here, and handed personally last thursday night the 3D invitations plus a small box neatly wrapped. So we had long talks and they are really encouraging me  on how cool and good it is to live in Vancouver.They stayed in Ate Marivi’s home and had a blast in Vancouver.They are actually resident now in Canada, but they came back to finish some stuffs here in Doha, before finally migrating in Canada.

As they bid goodbye, I thank them for bringing the package and may God bless their good souls. As soon as they left , I saw the package, which includes the following:

  • The 3D Printed QR Codes
  • Envelopes
  • Stickers for the Labels
  • Ribbons

I tried scanning the QR codes using QR Code Reader on my mobile and eventually it lead me to our website. How awesome and geeky that is? Yes I am amaze on how my significant half has this geeky idea. By the way the website is a collaboration between me and Jap. Once we finalize the guests lists and names we will distribute this one. Actually the QR Code Reader can be used as coaster. 🙂

Here’s a picture of the 3D wedding invitations:

If you received this, there’s an instruction at the back of the 3D QR Codes plus the Getting Hitched Card .

For the other small box, i’ll post separate entry for this one.

3D Wedding Invitation

To God be the Glory!