the prenup video and photos

So how did we end up with a very gorgeous shoot location and simple yet elegant pre nup shoot? Thanks to Ronald’s ideas and input for our prenup video/photoshoot. So the idea was just simple as the concept of long distance relationship, there will be split screen from the moment we woke up until the time we were together.

The location was shoot entirely in stonehouse garden located entirely in the very heart of Naga, in panicuason area. How did we both book them?  I sent an sms to the care taker and deposited a specific amount to reserved for the said date which is the 15th of October. So finally we book them. As a background for the shoot location, Stonehouse garden is located in Panicuason Naga City at the base of Mt Isarog National Park, Naga, Philippines. So we went there early in the morning of the 15th of October with the crew  of Ronald Rebutica Team and the Andreu Ariola Glam team as for the hair and makeup of yours trully.

In all honesty the weather is not that good actually, it’s kinda chilly but it drizzles from time to time. But we enjoyed the view, since stonehousegarden is very beautiful aside from the very scenic view that I seldom see here in Doha. The infinity pool is superb and the mountain view is very relaxing and the sound of the chirping birds and the breezy air makes me want to just stay there for a week of vacation. So as we entered the place, andreu prepare everything and had me dolled up by aa (one of the superb hairstylist I have ever meet). While on the other hand, Jap prepares for his solo pictures c/o by our female photographer, emz which pretty cool and easy to work with, and with the videography crew, woody and yes I forgot the other guy’s name and of course our video editor bambi.

So to cut the story short, when andreu and aa finished my makeup and hair style, my fiance Jap when he saw me , he gave a thumbs up. So that means, approved and let me share you this videos for prenup avp and video teaser for our wedding and let me know if it’s really approved.

Here’s our prenup avp:

Here’s our video teaser:

To God be the Glory!



when a developer marrys his qa

“When a developer and a qa unites there will never be a null moment but infinite loop of happiness”

It was the 18th of October 2015, when I and Jap finally tied the knot after our 12 long years of relationship.

October 17,2015

The night before the wedding :

I already checked in at The Avenue Square, the night before our big day. It was also a blessing in disguise, we have been upgraded. The owner of The avenue square,picked us to upgrade our room which will then be used for the makeup and preparations of the entourage which is exclusive only for female since the males will be on the other room that we also reserved. I also had some few last errands. I meet up our dessert supplier ms helen, where she and her daughter bought the sweet goodies and I paid her the remaining of our payments.I also meet up with Harold, the person incharge for the reception venue. He toured us around the venue, and he even told me that I should be resting for tomorrow’s event. I said to him, that for now I am full time wedding coordinator and tomorrow I will be full time bride. They responded by laughing. After checking the venue, I went back to our room and had visitors, those few last hours that I am still single, and there were there for me and of course our pizza party. They were my former officemates in hypercom and nga. Also most of my family members visited me and eventually they left around 10 pm.

By the way, my wedding gown was also delivered and when I saw it, I was in awe at it. Then I touched it, and I was like, Lord this  is it! And my sister together with my nephew and niece,slept there.

October 18 2015:

At around 4am, I woke up and had my bubble bath. During this time, I silently prayed and thank the Lord for this day, for it is this day that His promises will be fulfilled. At around 7am , I heard a doorbell in our hotel room, first group of people to arrive, the videographers and photographers. I know it’s kinda early, for a 3pm wedding, but I want everything to be in order. So our call time for all suppliers was 7am which is also the time schedule for the rest of entourage.

We also had prepared breakfast for the rest of people who will be in the hotel. So as soon as andreu my hmua arrived together with aa our very energetic hairstylist,they started prepping me for the photoshoot before going to the church. Then Ronald, the head team of the videographer and photographer, gave me the coffee table book. It was really pretty, and it was emz who took our photo. Then I saw my wedding coordinator which is alden together with is team, helping and keeping things organized. Then I saw Chucky and his team for the hair and makeup of the rest of our entourage. So I my bridesmaid,flower girls, secondary sponsors,primary sponsors,and my mom and jap’s mom getting their make up and hair done. All these time I am having my makeup, I was silently praying for the weather to be better, since I can see from the window that it’s raining and the wind is really bad. I was highly encouraged by AA’s word when he told me, don’t worry about it, it’s going to be ok. At those times, those are the words i’ll be needing to boost my confidence. After so many photos and video’s, emmylou, the assistant that alden assigned to me, helped me to get dressed on my overwhelmingly pretty wedding gown. Then jaiden, our ring bearer bring the gift for me from my hubby, it was a pandora charm, “key to my heart”. It was really cute. I also gave him a gift, I got it here in doha, he loves rayban shades.

At around 2pm, I went outside of the preparation room and went down to the hotel lobby, I saw phoebe, glad and calai, my bridesmaid. I asked them if they are waiting for their transport going to the st jude church, they told me they are. So I told emmylou to inform alden that there were still three bridesmaid left in the hotel lobby. Before we left, I asked phoebe, to pray for me, that prayer boosts my faith in Him more because I know when two or more pray together, He will be with us and whatever we asked in prayer, we know that we had received it.

So as soon as the bridal car, arrived. There’s this one thing in my mind, how will I get inside of it. But I did it with the help of my assistant emylou. By the way I didn’t had a chance to see my groom jap, since it was a tradition that the bride and groom should never see each other before the wedding. Well, i find it odd, what if he got lost, haha! Anyway as soon as my bridal car arrived at the st jude church, i saw everyone from the car that they are preparing for the entrance.

I silently pray this:

Lord, this is it! I thank you for blessing me this gift of marriage. I thank you in advance for the weather and for everything that is about to happen, I surrender and lift them up to you. I pray for both of us that this will be the start of our journey to infinity as husband and wife.Please guide me as I walk on the stairs since this is my first time using a high-heeled shoes. To you God belongs all the glory and praises. Amen

As soon as get out of the car, my 7 groomsmen hid me in the umbrella, a very clever brilliant idea to hide me from jap which adds excitement to Jap. It was brilliant idea from our wedding coordinator, because before hand we bought the umbrella just incase the weather went bad. So when they remove the umbrella, that was the signal I have to walk in the stairs, and I can feel that very moment that the sun is shining brightly. As I walk the stairs, I was smiling but praising God for this testimony of His goodness. The weather was awesome. As soon as I got to the place where my parents, is they both hand  me over to Jap along side with his parents. We then walk together for our marriage to start. By the way I heard the music was awesome since the church is small, and the musicians headed by sir loy was awesome as they play the music, I got goosebumps, which signals that a music is really awesome. So to cut the story short,  we got wed and held our reception in avenue square which was hosted by Suzette Ubalde, and she totally made the party awesome. The church and reception venue’s designed and arrange by Raymond Palomares, Jap’s cousin and now my cousin too, it was magnificently awesome,from the bouquet to the flower arrangement.

To summarize everything here’s our Same Day Edit which was provided by Ronald Rebutica Videography :

We, jap and ally thank the Lord above for providing this day and celebrating this day with our friends and loved ones. We also thank our suppliers for all your efforts in making this possible.

Jap-Ally To Infinity and Beyond

To God  be the Glory!


how to apply marriage license in philippines

This is my first post as mrs ally moreno  lee, yes I now belong to the married class status and I am very happy and blessed to be a wife to my now husband Jap Lee. But before we get to the details of how our wedding went through, I will be blogging first of how to process marriage license in philippines particularly in Naga City Camarines Sur.

Jap and I are both out of the country so we just gathered the requirements through the help of our loved ones in the philippines.

So here’s the list of the requirements according Naga City Hall Civil Registry Office:

  1. Personal Appearance for the ages of 18 and above and should be resident of Naga City.
  2. Birthcertificate from NSO for both parties.(Original or Certified Copy and 1 Photocopy)
  3. Applicants are required to bring their valid identification cards with 2 Photocopies.
  4. Applicants are required to bring their Baranggay certificate with 1 Photocopy.
  5. 2 copies of 1×1 picture.
  6. Certificate of No Marriage Certificate (CENOMAR),Original and Photocopy.

These are the requirements for the age bracket 25 years old and above, I’ll be attaching an image for the complete marriage license requirements for ages 18 and above.The requirements is a bit long if you are from 18yrs to 24 yrs so, as the lazy in me would advice, those who wants to get married, please chose the latter option, get married when you are 25ish and above.

So we gathered the requirements with the help of our parents and aunts. But there’s online site for NSO and CENOMAR and it will be delivered right at your front door. Here’s the E-Census Link. There’s an instruction on their website and hopefully it will reach you in no time.

After we gathered the requirements, the last thing which is far important is our physical appearance in the city hall’s registrar’s office. Jap and I flew to Manila last October 4,2015 and booked the earliest flight to Legaspi since most of luggages are 40Kg above. So as soon as we landed to legaspi, Jap’s parents picked us up and off we went to city hall.

As soon as we reached city hall’s marriage license area , we were given a 3 forms to be completed. So each form we completed it. The lady told us that we will have our marriage license ready by 16th of October 2015 around lunch time. Thank God it’s just right in time for our wedding date which was on the 18th of October 2015.  May I also add that the marriage license has a validity of 3 months from the time it was filled. This marriage license is also a requirement for our church wedding.

So true to their word, we got our marriage license and we got wed last 18th of October 2015. As soon as our church wedding finished, We got our marriage license from the church and filed it in the civil registry . We requested for an advance copy and paid around 450 php. The lady who assisted us gave another set of paper and told us to go to NSO and have them signed and received. So off we went to NSO in Naga area. After we gave them the paper, they told us that we can get our NSO Marriage License on the 21st of November 2015. We will be using this for our application for family sponsorship 🙂

Marriage License Requirements

Marriage License Requirements

To God  be the Glory!


le bride’s squad party

A year ago, I happened to attend my first legit bridal shower as an attendee here in Doha. Never I imagine that I will be celebrating my very own bridal shower here. Last thursday, we usually schedule our lg meeting with cha, wheng,nel and ate vannie. So we planned it at cafe tasse in souq waqif. So after my work, I went on deep sleep mode due to tiredness from last minute workarounds on one of our servers. I woke up past 5pm,and I immediately send whats app to cha, and ask if I can join here going to souq waqif, but she told me she went out already. I was like, why you left me? lols But then I just told her i’ll just go there, but I didn’t voice out that i’m kinda alone .. lala all by myself going to souq waqif. But it’s ok, i woke up late and so i’ll bear the consequences. Then I cooked for my dad’s supper before I prepared myself for our lg meeting.

So off I went to souq waqif, and as I was walking around I saw the village and I remember a picture of famous main cast in one of the filipino teleserye I’m addicted at. I was like, I must have a selfie here, but as an introvert, this idea stays in mind like forever. So when I went inside the cafe tasse, I saw kuya mars , ate van’s hubby editing some pictures from the recent baby dedication from our friday service. So I just ordered some coffee and then ate vannie with kuya mars chit chat and they gave me some advice on what to expect in the wedding day. I was really touch by their gesture, since they experienced it last may of this year. It really amazes me how God orchestrated scenarios and even people to answer some of my prayers concerning our wedding preparations. Each and everyone of us are like a piece of puzzle waiting to be pieced together until the master would say, finally a master piece has been created. 

After a few coffee, ate vannie asked me to join her in going to comfort room, woman are like this, it’s their bonding too, so bear with us. She guided me to another room, and saw familiar faces , yes my friends and sissy in faith in Jesus. So I meet them and cha, told me and insisted to wear a dress in powder blue flowery design ,pearl beads headband and of course a sash that says, “THE BRIDE”. The last time I wear a dress was last December when I went on a date with my bhe in our home town.  I was a bit hesitant but since they all prepared and thought of this, I am giving it my best shot. So I wore it but got unease due to the fact that it’s long haha. So that means I want shorter one lols. Kidding aside, marinel told me that it’s good that we removed your unwanted hairs. I was like, smile and deep in my mind remember how she laser my unwanted hairs, including the upper lip hairs, boy that was really a different story.  But thank God and thank you nel for this sweet gesture.

After changing my outfit, we started with a prayer and off we started eating the fabulous food in cafe tasse. As a big fan of carbonara pasta, I splurged on carbonara pasta and their brick oven pizza is awesome. As we are eating, I am observing the carefully designed venue for our bridal shower, I am thankful for the design and preparations of my bride’s squad. They really put effort in it and carefully planned everything. So after we ate, we started with a game and our very host is ate vannie. The game was about items in your purse and each item has a specific points. The rule is , the highest point  you get the better chance you have to ask anything and everything for the bride to be, and that’s me. If you got the lowest point, the bride to be, that’s me again, will ask you a question or threw a consequence. So they started with a credit card and even they asked for a hammer. My God, if they ask for a cable splicer, I have one in my purse. Yes being in IT means a lot of wires are being put in my purse. But then they ask questions like what do I fear, expect or anything. But I was really happy knowing that they are also enjoying the game. Until we went on the serious note of the bride squad message. It was the messages that I was praying to hear. It was an eye opener for me and I thank the Lord God above for providing me people like them who is not only my bride squad but also a friend who will encourage, push me to be the wife that the Lord God above wants me to be for my husband. 

Lastly, the bride squad party is not over without a numerous amount of pictures. So here’s what we have :


Let me leave you guys with God’s promise:

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.  It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away- 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

To God be the Glory!


find a chair and wear a flair

So as the saying goes, find a chair and wear a flair.. classy and classic 😀

Special thanks to Kuya Guel for the seat design ! Kudos Kudos! He totally nailed the design.

We are just expecting a simple design but dear Lord ,so when we received yesterday thru email, the design –we are both in awe with kuya guel’s design. So here’s a background for our design, we wanted to name the tables with different programming languages. So C and C++ will part of our table designs.  So jap and I were thinking about hardware stuffs signifying that both of us are not just on the software side but also in the hardware side,so we kinda think of integrated circuits(IC) and breadboard, not the one that you bake and eat but where you put your resistors and capacitors. So that was just our rough ideas. Then  ate marivi suggested that we seek kuya guel’s talent on seating design. Indeed another best advice from ate marivi.

So right now, we opted to have the one with the white design. I’ll be messaging kuya guel and meet them up with ate mae so we could have dinner before I left for the #JapAlly101815ToInfinityandBeyond .

Here’s a screen shot for our seat design :

This is just a draft design and it will be final once we printed this one!

Draft Design

To God be the Glory!