le bride’s squad party

A year ago, I happened to attend my first legit bridal shower as an attendee here in Doha. Never I imagine that I will be celebrating my very own bridal shower here. Last thursday, we usually schedule our lg meeting with cha, wheng,nel and ate vannie. So we planned it at cafe tasse in souq waqif. So after my work, I went on deep sleep mode due to tiredness from last minute workarounds on one of our servers. I woke up past 5pm,and I immediately send whats app to cha, and ask if I can join here going to souq waqif, but she told me she went out already. I was like, why you left me? lols But then I just told her i’ll just go there, but I didn’t voice out that i’m kinda alone .. lala all by myself going to souq waqif. But it’s ok, i woke up late and so i’ll bear the consequences. Then I cooked for my dad’s supper before I prepared myself for our lg meeting.

So off I went to souq waqif, and as I was walking around I saw the village and I remember a picture of famous main cast in one of the filipino teleserye I’m addicted at. I was like, I must have a selfie here, but as an introvert, this idea stays in mind like forever. So when I went inside the cafe tasse, I saw kuya mars , ate van’s hubby editing some pictures from the recent baby dedication from our friday service. So I just ordered some coffee and then ate vannie with kuya mars chit chat and they gave me some advice on what to expect in the wedding day. I was really touch by their gesture, since they experienced it last may of this year. It really amazes me how God orchestrated scenarios and even people to answer some of my prayers concerning our wedding preparations. Each and everyone of us are like a piece of puzzle waiting to be pieced together until the master would say, finally a master piece has been created. 

After a few coffee, ate vannie asked me to join her in going to comfort room, woman are like this, it’s their bonding too, so bear with us. She guided me to another room, and saw familiar faces , yes my friends and sissy in faith in Jesus. So I meet them and cha, told me and insisted to wear a dress in powder blue flowery design ,pearl beads headband and of course a sash that says, “THE BRIDE”. The last time I wear a dress was last December when I went on a date with my bhe in our home town.  I was a bit hesitant but since they all prepared and thought of this, I am giving it my best shot. So I wore it but got unease due to the fact that it’s long haha. So that means I want shorter one lols. Kidding aside, marinel told me that it’s good that we removed your unwanted hairs. I was like, smile and deep in my mind remember how she laser my unwanted hairs, including the upper lip hairs, boy that was really a different story.  But thank God and thank you nel for this sweet gesture.

After changing my outfit, we started with a prayer and off we started eating the fabulous food in cafe tasse. As a big fan of carbonara pasta, I splurged on carbonara pasta and their brick oven pizza is awesome. As we are eating, I am observing the carefully designed venue for our bridal shower, I am thankful for the design and preparations of my bride’s squad. They really put effort in it and carefully planned everything. So after we ate, we started with a game and our very host is ate vannie. The game was about items in your purse and each item has a specific points. The rule is , the highest point  you get the better chance you have to ask anything and everything for the bride to be, and that’s me. If you got the lowest point, the bride to be, that’s me again, will ask you a question or threw a consequence. So they started with a credit card and even they asked for a hammer. My God, if they ask for a cable splicer, I have one in my purse. Yes being in IT means a lot of wires are being put in my purse. But then they ask questions like what do I fear, expect or anything. But I was really happy knowing that they are also enjoying the game. Until we went on the serious note of the bride squad message. It was the messages that I was praying to hear. It was an eye opener for me and I thank the Lord God above for providing me people like them who is not only my bride squad but also a friend who will encourage, push me to be the wife that the Lord God above wants me to be for my husband. 

Lastly, the bride squad party is not over without a numerous amount of pictures. So here’s what we have :


Let me leave you guys with God’s promise:

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.  It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away- 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

To God be the Glory!



nude look makeup survival kit

I have survived the curacne journey and it’s time to shop for a good make up for my girly girly alter ego.

It may sound absurd but I could be the boyish who loves to do some ollie tricks and carving tricks on my pintail board and the alter ego would be the ally who knows how to do tricks on how to have a nude and no makeup look without hassle bussle of putting the right makeup.

So Allaine , my colleague, is a makeup artist/photographer here in Doha. So I message her and pull all of my courage to tell her, master teach and help me to find the best makeup brands for my super sensitive skin. So we went to gulf mall and had our one of the best girly bonding moment.

First stop:

Sephora at Gulf Mall

Every girls shade of lippy and makeup blush is found here. Well if I can just have a little of everything here, it could be colorful kind of ally ayt?

But our budget is constricted so , we have to check our reality against fantasy! 😀

So first I bought the makeup kit from Benefit. I find it kinda cute aside from the design is like a book , and oh boy the cover itself is so cute. I’m on the medium side as per the makeup seller and as per allaine it’s on the light side but I told her I like the color of the box, so we bought it because I like the box and it’s ok for my skin, not too dark and not too light, just right in the middle.

The makeup set contains:

* the POREfessional PRO balm to minimise the appearance of pores
* hello flawless oxygen wow “I’m so money” honey brightening makeup
* boi-ing 02 & 03 industrial-strength concealer
* “hello flawless!” “I’m cute as a bunny” honey custom powder cover-up

Here’s the picture :

makeup starter kit

I love the over all packaging, it’s unique and it suits me because I can have them in this tiny little cutie package has tips and tricks too as well as the mirror. Top that 😀

So the makeup kit is settled, we need to find the best lippy for now, our go to is mac lipstick,so allaine and I went to mac store and oh boy, for a lippy addict like me, it was like a must have and a necessity to shop there but then budget comes first, wedding first before shopping galore.I told her, I want to have a luscious pink, but I still prefer her preferences. So we went to check and till we found the perfect shade for our nude look everyday look target,it’s mac lipstick matte mehr. After paying for it , we went to have our dinner at nandos and we still have our lipstick on. So much girly shopping for us.

After our bonding we went back to another store to get another shade of lipstick as well as lip pencil and blusher as per allaine I have to have it. So we went to max factor area, and it’s a buy two get one free, oh for the love of God’s favor. So allaine ,adviced me to buy Max Factor Colour Elixer Lip Liner,Max Factor Lip infinity 215 Constantly dreamy , and of course the blush on Max Factor Puff Blush Seductive Pink.

By the way here’s the picture of our makeup nude setup:

*For the chanel powder beige 30, i alternate it with the honey face powder and for the mascara, it was a free gift from my housemate who sold me the chanel powder. The dior pouch was given to me by allaine, isn’t she’s sweet .

2015-09-29 07.47.56

Thanks allaine for this sweet gesture of giving me your spare time before you leave doha for good. It was really a real friendship that we have had  here. Thank you for the dior pouch for my makeup haul. Now see you in the big day.

Thank you Lord for the provisions and guidance and for orchestrating people for me to have a good pick of my nude makeup look.

Trivia: Earlier ago, I told Jap I haven’t blog for some weeks, then he said go, and good job on my blog. Jap brings out the best in me by just encouraging me. Thank you Lord, I’m marrying Jap 😀

To God be the Glory!


find a chair and wear a flair

So as the saying goes, find a chair and wear a flair.. classy and classic 😀

Special thanks to Kuya Guel for the seat design ! Kudos Kudos! He totally nailed the design.

We are just expecting a simple design but dear Lord ,so when we received yesterday thru email, the design –we are both in awe with kuya guel’s design. So here’s a background for our design, we wanted to name the tables with different programming languages. So C and C++ will part of our table designs.  So jap and I were thinking about hardware stuffs signifying that both of us are not just on the software side but also in the hardware side,so we kinda think of integrated circuits(IC) and breadboard, not the one that you bake and eat but where you put your resistors and capacitors. So that was just our rough ideas. Then  ate marivi suggested that we seek kuya guel’s talent on seating design. Indeed another best advice from ate marivi.

So right now, we opted to have the one with the white design. I’ll be messaging kuya guel and meet them up with ate mae so we could have dinner before I left for the #JapAlly101815ToInfinityandBeyond .

Here’s a screen shot for our seat design :

This is just a draft design and it will be final once we printed this one!

Draft Design

To God be the Glory!


curacne journey: Finale

I’m off curacne pills for almost 12 days. Yesterday I meet with my doctor and my derma angels, rai and nel had helped me again for the nth time. I think I was the last patient yesterday. But I thank the Lord God above for providing people who had helped and pushed me with the said treatment as well as provisions for the finances and courage from God to continue and finish the treatment despite the side effects.

When I was assisted by rai since nel is still with another patient, one of the derma angels , I guess the name says derma angels because their uniform is sky blue and their face are angelic as well as their hearts., so when the doctor saw me, her reaction was : I didn’t recognize you and says mashaallah ( “God has willed it”)  that my face had healed. She put on her eye gadget to check for any spots on my face. I felt that she’s using iron man’s gadget, and she’s doing a calculation and using ore reactor or something. Yes dear readers, I have a wild imagination and please bear with me.  So after the checking she said your cleared but you have to be back after 2 months, to see if your face gets oily and we will provide something for you. She didn’t say if its a medicine or anything,but I kinda love surprises. So she also asked what I’m currently using for my face wash, I told her aveene, and she said try to use it every other day because it will make your skin dry. I also asked her if there’s a chance that my acne will return.She answered me by asking my age and I was like uhmm yeah I’m 29 years old. She said, usually those that are in the age group of teenagers and 18 are the ones that has issues. But I believe you will be on the 90% who had been healed.The doctor told me I can get preggy after a month, yes just in time for my October wedding. At the back of my head, I pray 100% for this and I believe that my father in heaven used the doctor, medicine and people who had helped me to finally achieve this flawless skin. So we ended our discussion and I asked rai, how much I have to pay for the consultations, she said no need, I was really hesitant but she said no need and she firmly said it. I’m thankful and grateful for this special favors, I believe I can return the favor soon. I’ll surprise this derma angels as a token of appreciation. I have an idea already. But i’ll keep this as a secret.

So I went home, with a happy heart, a joyful and victorious treatment on my 5th month of curacne journey which has ended today. Cheers to a flawless skin to infinity and beyond.

So here’s my shameless curacne journey: 3 days,30 days,60 days,90 days,120 days

Progress Accutane Journey

Progress Accutane Journey

Finale Face on my 5 month curacne journey

Finale Face on my 5 month curacne journey

Ally approves curacne 🙂  Sorry for my eye bags, I’m trying to sleep 8hrs a day but my excitement for my flight goin homey as well as my wedding day, is getting my eye bags and sleep hours worst.

My skin feels dry but I’m not using anymore the aveene cream moisturizer, the drying of lips and face had subside but I still use lip moisturizer. In my 5 months of taking curacne, I will never regret having the patience, constant applying of lip balm,lemon water splurging, green tea overload, oatmeal galore,walking/zumba till my back hurts, and lastly smiling and having the joy that the Lord has provided me.

To God be the Glory!


diy wedding church and reception program

I actually started preparing for the church and reception wedding program design and flow last may 2015. Pinterest was my buddy here in organizing my thoughts and ideas on how will I create our program. My sister-in-law, Ate marivi suggests to use a wedding fan design, so I said yes to it. It will be cool after all. 😀

So after careful researching, I came up with an idea of instead putting the programs into words why not put it into picture? Ok that will be a silly idea, because maybe you can’t picture in your mind nor imagine how in the world you will be able to put pictures or images in a program. So with these in mind, together with google, I gathered all the pictures I can search and that are needed in creating a fabulous program for our DIY wedding program.

Being in the IT world, I rarely use MS OFFICE, most of the time I hate it because that will require me again to document which is tedious but it’s part of my job. So I used MS OFFICE to make my wedding program fan using clips of images I collected from different websites. I can’t remember which site, but to those I have used website, please forgive me for not mentioning you guys,but thank you so much and God bless your website and may all the traffic be in your site.

So the front page of the fan has the entourage icons plus their name and even the church ceremony flow:

  • Wedding Bells Ringing
  • Bride Entrance
  • Groom Receiving Bride
  • Preacher preaching
  • The Wedding vows
  • First Kiss as Hubby and Wifey
  • Lantern Flying
  • Hubby and Wifey escape to Reception

The back page will have the reception flow:

  • Guest Arrival
  • Entourage Parade
  • Prayer
  • Opening Speech
  • Wine Toasting (Planning to infuse wine with Helium gas so they may sound minions lol)
  • Dinner(My favorite part)
  • Combination Dance by Mother/Groom and Father/Bride Dance
  • Turn over of mom and dad to bride and groom first dance as hubby and wifey
  • Cake Cutting
  • Bouquet and Garter Throwing
  • Party Time (Unlimited Bar Drinks)

So here’s our draft and almost final, sorry if there was err on the time when I screenshot that from MS Office in my mobile, but it was fixed already:

wedding fan DIY

wedding fan DIY

I shall post the complete one once I got an image from my aunt Helen who currently works on the details of making our wedding fan diy possible.

To God be the Glory!