first road trip for 2011- Tagaytay

Last January 8,2011, I received a message from khen telling me to meet her up with thea for a little chitchat. So around 3pm I went to glorietta and meet khen.

We had a lot of talking and chitchat then finally we decided to take our snack while waiting for Thea.Around 6:30pm, thea meet us at seattle’s best with chet. We had our dinner at kitchen around Greenbelt area. Thea received a call from his officemates, she asked us, if we are game for a road trip in tagaytay. I told her, I am not ready and it’s really cold there, I have no extra clothes. But then I remember that I had with me mokkun (my camera) and so I decided that I will join the road trip. Then khen and I went to landmark to buy my jacket.

Around 8:30pm we went to the meeting place, and off we went to tagaytay. Around 10pm we set our foot in tagaytay. As soon as we get out of the car, we already felt the extreme cold, which makes us shiver.
We ate at Dencios and have a little booze. We took lots of picture , and I have seen khen so blooming despite the fact that she recently broke up with his boyfriend. While thea and chester are so sweet that time, that we took a “prenup kono” picture.

Here’s our picture … Next time I’ll bring my significant half here:


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