How to get your Police Clearance in Qatar for Immgiration Purposes

This is a disclaimer from me:

I am not endorsing any service in transacting for PCC that requires payment.

Any transaction related to purchasing service to pcc to whoever comment/reply to your query on processing that involves payment, please coordinate with him/her. I am not obliged to answer query regarding your transaction to person who you asked for the said service because I am not connected to him/her. We are a separate entity. I blog for the purpose of providing information that could help you in processing for pcc. I am not giving a service on PCC for the purpose of collecting money. 

A couple of weeks ago, I prepared the following requirements for the processing of my police clearance here in Doha for immigration purpose. After a careful researcher,studying and hands on experience of applying for the police clearance here’s the requirements:

1. Application Form completed which can be downloaded on their website:Click Me

2. Since I am currently residing here in Qatar , here’s the requirements :

  •     Photocopy of Passport which includes the work visa.
  •     Photocopy of National Id or your QID front and back
  •     2 Passport Size pictures

Now after gathering all the requirements, you can go to the Criminal Evidence and Information Department , if you are on Salwa Road, there is a round about there wherein when you turn right the road goes straight to the Khalifa Stadium. When you turn right from the R/A, around 500 meters directing you to the CEID office. Make a right turn here.

After you reach the said location, the female side is different from male side, so when my father and I went there, my father stayed outside while i went to the female areas for processing the papers. I reached the said receptionist at around 6:30 am. After 15 mins, they released the paper with numbers for processing, but be sure to show the receptionist your application form so that she will give you the right counter to process your paper else she could give you the other paper which is for finger printing. So when my number was called, I handed my documents and requirements after 5 minutes, the cashier asked me to swipe my debit card.The cost for the said processing is 10 riyal. Then she handed me the slip for getting the said police clearance and told me to wait for a week. After that my father and I went back to my office.

After 3 days, I received a message from metatrash, it’s in arabic so I let one of my friend here in the office to read the arabic word, which says that my police clearance is now ready for pick up. I thought my  police clearance will be processed within a week, but the service was really fast, Thank God!

Since I won’t be available to pick up my police clearance, I asked my father to get my police clearance on my behalf. So I prepared authorization letter for him and copy of my QID and the slip for getting the police clearance.

After my father has got the police clearance, he was told that he needs to have the police clearance to be stamped in the Ministry of Foreign affairs. So my father went to MOFA which is right beside the audi cars showroom approximately 200 metres before Doha cinema traffic signal, if you are on C ring road. He paid 30 riyal for the fees, and don’t bring cash, they only accept QNB or Credit/Debit Card.

So that’s how to get the police clearance here in qatar if you are processing it for visa or immigration purposes.

But all the while I am processing this paper, I am praying and believing that God will provide it for me and true enough He had given it to me .




307 thoughts on “How to get your Police Clearance in Qatar for Immgiration Purposes

  1. Hi ..I work before in Qatar 2012-2013 im here in the philippines and i tried to process my Police Clearance by a friend whos still resides in qatar…i follow all the steps in their website on how to get the police certificate for outside abroad..i send the complete requirements..Then i found out when my friend called me, saying that the qatar is no longer giving PoliceCertificate to those whos not present in the country..annd their website is not yet updated about this issue…She actually let me talk to the officer/attendant in ministry of interior arbic guy and he told me the same…

      • Hi Ally, how about the field for Date of Exit and Date of Entry? What will I put? Thank you very much for the infos!

      • For the said field, for the date of entry, it was the date when I first landed here in Doha. For the exit entry, I put there the last exit when I went for my yearly vacation. Thanks for reading my blog. Good luck on your application.

      • Wow thanks!! That was a quick response. Your blog was definitely helpful. I think I have it covered now. But one last thing, do I have to translate the accomplished form in arabic or you submitted the form in english text? And if you might also know if it is open on sunday afternoon?

      • You don’t need to translated the said document to arabic. They have work from sunday to thursday. With regards to work hours in the afternoon, most government offices works from 7am to 3pm. For the immigration you can check with their website. Thanks and God bless!

  2. Dear all,

    Thanks for sharing your experience and good information.
    I need your help, I have visited Qatar 4 times in 2008-2012 with Seaman Transit visa (thats only valid for 2 days) and business visit visa valid for 1 month but stay in Qatar for 1-2 days.
    Now fr canada immigration FSW2014 visa office asked PCC from Qatar.

    Please guide that is Qatar issue the PCC for visitors.
    and which way I will get it quick.


      • Hi Ally,

        I would like to get a Police Clearance in Qatar. I stayed there for almost 2 years Can you help me with this? I am presently residing in Canada. Thank you

    • I am also undergoing the same problem…stayed in qatar for 58 days but still dey requested me to submit qatar pcc…
      Please drop a mail to….ask dem about the process to get PCC , for non residents (non qatar citizens) PCC is called as Good conduct certificate

      • You can check with their website to check for further informations on your case. Thanks for reading my blog. Good luck on your application.

  3. Ms. Ally ask ko lang po kase andto n ako sa pinas and I need PCC from Qatar para sa US immigration purpose. yung father ko yung mag process dun. need pa kayang itranslate sa arabic yung mga Red ribbon na NBI at fingerprint card ko galing dto pinas? and yung authorization letter need pa kaya ipa translate? thanks

  4. I’m outside Qatar. So, I can fill up the form and send it to somebody there together with the other docs. So it is still needed to be stamped by MFA? Thanks

  5. Hi Ally,just would like to ask..i wanna get a police clearance because im leaving Doha for good and I am just preparing maybe I can have other opportunity in some other countries..i just wanna take the chance I am still here in the police clearance do they address it to the office that you put in the “to submit to the ………..” Area? I dont have specific plans yet but in just preparing.

      • Hello Ally,

        When does the police clearance expire?

        I was born there and now applying for immigration to Canada. So if I am right, I can do the following:
        1. Send my friend with a copy of my passport (Do I need to give my friend an authorization letter?)
        2. For immigration, I require ONLY the PCC right? (and not the fingerprint scan)

        Thanks a lot for your help. This blog is exactly what I needed!

        – Saffatt

      • Thank you Saffat for reading my page.
        1. Yes,kindly make an authorization letter just to be sure that they will accept your friend to do your transaction on your behalf.
        2. Yes you are right, only the PCC.

        for the expiration, more or less 3 months for the PCC to expire.

      • We had a request form from immigration canada nmn. Yong mag process and mag follow up lang and kung how much ang fee.

  6. Hi, I need a qatar police clearance for immigration, i have a friend in qatar that will get it for me. I’ll just send him the requirements but one thing confuses me. From their website
    one of the requirement is:
    Original of Good Conduct Certificate (No criminal record / conviction certificate) from the local police authority from the country of applicant duly attested by a competent government authority – is this our NBI clearance?

  7. My cousin want me to process his police clearance this is possible or not. He working here for 1 year only. Please help me on how to do it. Thanks

    • Hi Sir Allan,

      If you are going to process on your cousin’s behalf, pls ask authorization letter, and get the following requirements from their website. It is mentioned in this article. thank u.

    • Hello po ms Ally.
      yung request form ba to get PCC galing po ba tlga sa US embassy?
      Kasi nag call ang fiancee ko sa US embassy regarding request letter po sabi nila yung fiancee ko ang gagawa kaya sya ang gumawa sa request form.
      At Pls kung sino po maka tulong to get the PCC jan sa Qatar tulong naman po. I well pay kung magkano gastosan at yung time po. Salamat nang marami!

      • hello ms wen,

        i am working here in qatar right now and will be resigning very soon. Planning to migrate to USA after our wedding ng fiance ko, ask lng ako how about police clearance? kasi plan ko na kumuha dito before ako aalis ng qatar, but i don’t have any request or any form from US embassy, actually this is just for preparation lng since andito pko sa qatar kukuha nlng ako,
        kasi after the wedding pa naman kami mgstart mgprocess ng VISA sa immigration so i really don’t have any idea right now. All i have is the form from CEID qatar website for the police clearance here in qatar.
        Ask sana ako advise mo regarding police clearance since i presume tapos kna cguro sa processing mo right now. This month is my last so plan ko na kumuha real soon. Thank you.

  8. Hello po, maaari nyo po ba aq matulungan on how to get police clearance from qatar for canada immigration purposes, im about to sponsor my husband na nag wowork jan before. Kaya lang we had nobody to process the police clearance jan sa qatar.

    • Hi Angelica, now pa lang ako nagopen nang blog ko, nabusy sa wedding preprations. Congrats for the sponsorship sa hubby mo! Anyways, i wish I could help you, pero meron nagcomment din sa blog ko nagprocess sya nang pcc. hindi ko makita link. paste ko dito sa comment box once mahanap ko. Praying for approval nang family visa ni hubby mo.

  9. Hi mam ally gud eve ask ko lng poh about the requirements of police clearance certificate from Qatar. .need pb Yong stamp ng Qatar na edikit sa return address large envelope A size. .kc wala nman aq mabilhan ng Qatar stamp d2 sa pinas. .thnks

  10. hello sister paano ang processing pagkuha nang police cllearance sa Qatar i need for my spouse visa interview ano ang mga documents please help me God bless you….

    • hi gie, thanks for reading my blog. Sa inquiry mo po, get the form provided po sa link na nakalagay sa taas po. Punta po kayo don sa salwa road don sa may finger print scanning, then file nyo na po. nasa 10 qar po yun. Then after a week pde nyo na po makuha. 🙂

  11. hi Ally, i already applied for police clearance in Qatar. its already a month now no any responds.
    i am in canada. and i send my friend behalf. is there any way i can contact them and check the status.

    • Hi there, is ur friend still here in doha? Usually ur friend’s contact # can be used to received sms from metatrash for the date of getting the document. Pls have her/him follow up on your behalf 🙂 hopefully she/he can clear things for you.

    • Hi Sathees,

      So what did you do? I have the same problem with you now. Can you give me an idea what to do? I am in Canada right now too.

  12. i already applied through my friend in Qatar because i wont be able to go there now i am in Canada. but i haven’t receive yet its already a month now.

    • hi how come it’s not available, check with MOI website. It will be there but if it’s not there then contact your previous employer or current employer.

  13. Hi.

    This is really useful information – thank you very much for it.

    I have one question regarding passport copies. Do they want a copy of every page of your passport, or just the photo page?



  14. Hi po question lng po ano po bang number ng Metatrash kc po meron akong na receive na call at morning po at mesage nmn po ng gabi at arabic ang message po eh problema po na erase ko po agad.

  15. Marami ding process Ally one n doon is nag medical sya r2 sa doha den padala nya sa embassy sa canadian ng abudhabi b4vdat nai terview sya through mobile after 6 months lang yata den ok na hintay nya nlang after past sa interview den ticketing na sya from manila 2 canada.

    • talaga direct pala sya ano website ni applyan nya? hehe kainit na kaya dito kailangan na lumipad papunta doon. 🙂

    • Kakainspire naman yan kwento nya. Nawala document ko.naligaw, nareceived ko sya neto lang january. Ayun apply ako next year, saka di ko din masikaso yun express entry kasi iba na applyan ko visa. 🙂

  16. last 2 weeks i applied a police clearance for my friend but until now i didn’t received any message from them. can someone tell me if available na kaya ang police clearance na inapply namin :(. thanks

  17. hi to ALL sir/madam noriel & ally,,, plz paki help po ako makakuha ng police clearance sa doha qatar,
    kc isa po sa requirements ko kumuha para sa sponsorship ng wife ko sa canada,
    andito po ako sa pilipinas,
    ano2 po ba ang requirements nya?
    mejo rush npo kc kaya paki tulong po sa inyo, plz response, tnx a lot and have a nice day to all!… NEIL my email ad is tnx in advance!

  18. hi ms ally, im a former resident in qatar and just wondering what to write in “post box no” , “nominated post”, “tel number” and “present employer”? Im referring to the police clearance form. I don’t know what to put on those blanks since i am no longer living in qatar. Hope you can help me out with this one..thank you

      • Mam chill lang po im doing it to obtain your QPCC wait lang po.. may procedure po to process due to my busy day at kagagaling sa travel kaya dko po ma rplyan mga email. D
        ont worry po 100% you can trust me.. marami napo akong nakuhanan ng QPCC.

      • hindi rin sya sumasagot miss ally…im just waiting for him to explain to me wat happen…im agitated kasi need ko yung pcc this 21 for my interview and i already paid him in full…hindi ko alam kung pano sya makokontak

      • Mam if im not mistaken nag poprocess kayo august 3 or 5.. just wait lang po.. if marelease man po xa by thursday dpo aabot sa 21.. kasi sa sunday pa ang balik ng working hours for mofa stamping….

      • sir noriel were have you been……ninenerbyos naman ako sayo……umiiyak na nga ako kasi hindi kita makontak…

      • sir kasi yung partner ko nag aalala din kasi interview ko na sa 21 eh yung QPCC lang ang kulang…i trust you sir kaya nga ako naghihintay ng response nyo..but thank you nakausap kita ngayon..bless you sir

      • If dpo mahabol pwd ko isend ang scanned copy sa thursday pero wala pang mofa stamp atleast may maipapakita sa interview na naka process na at waiting nalang ng MOFA stamp

      • hi ms ally, pano po un im not working in qatar anymore and currently residing in the phil already. does it mean i should put the contact number and po box number of my representative in qatar instead? how about the “present employer” thing? what should i put there? thank you and hoping for a reply

      • i think hindi mo ilagay yun kasi sa PCC ang check nang migmig nang saan ka apply is yun name mo. pde mo lagay yun present employer mo.

      • yes sir noriels kung pwede po kahit yung scan copy paki send sakin sa email para mapaprint ko sya…ng may maipakita akong QPCC sa embassy
        asahan ko po yan…thanks

    • aug 27 ko sinend sayo yung papers ko and then you said on or before 20 of sept….pero okay lang basta makarating sakin… at sir pwede bang send mo ako ng picture ng claimstub? kailangan kong isend sa partner ko….at ng masettled na rin sya…. thank you …

      • naku dalian nyo na process, sarado 7 days ang government gawa nang eid, not to put pressure but if needed sya makuha naman agad eh. Read mo article ko, nakuha ko sya in 3 days time.

      • to sir noriel…you heard miss ally…paki nalang po at ng hindi maabutan ng pagsarado ng government office… thank you in advance ,,,as they say

        yalla yalla..

        miss ally when is eid?

      • Sept 22 start na sarado offices and balik sila nang 27. pero nakabakasyon na yan before mag 22, and baka balik na nang oct.
        baka makuha naman nya before eid starts, mahaba pa oras.. hindi kita matulungan sa ganyan kasi nagasikaso din ako wedding ko next month.

      • hope sir noriel read this…isang araw lang ang mofa miss ally diba? sana nga sir noriel will be finnish before eid at ng hindi ako madelay ng masyado…calling your attention noriel

  19. miss ally ask ko lang yung finger frint ba kailangang i red ribbon?kasi sa site ng us embassy it says that fingerprint taken by a competent government authority from the applicant CURRENT place of residence…so it means kahit hindi na sya naka red ribbbon?

    • I think no need ribbon. Kaso pag submit mo embassy pinas, may mga requirements sila na kailangan ipa red ribbon. Naku di ako familiar sa red ribbon na yan ritchie. But when I submit papers ko noon, wala ako nakared ribbon. 🙂 Sorry now lang ako nakaopen account ko dito.

  20. Hi po sir Noriel, my name is Mel. Gusto ko po sana magpatulong din sa inyo to obtain a QPCC dyan po sa Qatar. Ano po ba hinihingi nyo requirements? Thanks po

  21. Hi ally! Ano po ba ang ilalagay sa present employer? Now kasi, resigned na ako sa employer ko pero wala p ako new work. So yung id ko ay sila pa rin ang nkasulat.

  22. Hello po ms Ally.
    yung request form ba to get PCC galing po ba tlga sa US embassy?
    Kasi nag call ang fiancee ko sa US embassy regarding request letter po sabi nila yung fiancee ko ang gagawa kaya sya ang gumawa sa request form.
    At Pls kung sino po maka tulong to get the PCC jan sa Qatar tulong naman po. I well pay kung magkano gastosan at yung time po. Salamat nang marami!

  23. Hi Ally, for k1 visa po ang pcc ko.ask lang same lang ba ang redribbon at sundry? At San ba kukunin ang good conduct certificate from the local police authority from the country of application duly attested by a competent gov.authority..isa yan sa requirements para mg kuha ng ppc kc d ko yan na intendihan .hope u can help.

  24. Can you please tell me how can I get a Police Clearance Certificate from Qatar as I was a resident there from Jan 2013 to Aug 2015, and now I am out,

    I need this certificate for the American Embassy in Cairo for immigration purposes

    Kind regards

  25. Hello po! Is there’s any way po ba na pwede magfollow up for the status of police clearance applied? Any hotline or contact number to follow-up? Thanks po!

  26. for all who posted and comment for the past few days, sorry I wasn’t able to approved it ,I was busy the whole month of october because it was my wedding month. I just come back from doha. I will also be applying for PCC this november, I will update you guys of the latest buzz 😀

  27. hello po tanong ko lng, kung saan kukuha ng fingerprint sa pinas? isa po yun sa requirement eh pag outside qatar kana, TIA po. sana po may makasagot

  28. Hi po ask koh LNG po kung nwala ung passport koh Nung gnamit sa qatar my chance pb aq mkakuha ng pulis clerance,pero my copy po aq Nung stamp nila sa passport koh pero ung original passport nwla po pati I’d koh po dati wla ndn poslmat po

  29. Hi,i worked in Qatar since 2010-2013 bit now i am in can i apply and have the police clearance from Qatar for my US visa purpose.i already have the case number.but I don’t have a friend their in Qatar.i need ur help ma’am please.

  30. I was able to find your blog regarding the processing of police clearance from Qatar.Your blog is very informative and helpful. Currently I am employed here in Qatar and my girlfriend who is in Canada is asking me to inquire the details on how to obtain this document.

    I have a few questions regarding the application mam. First of all, I have not yet gone for my yearly vacation so what do a put in the part of “Date of Exit”? Secondly, in the Purpose of Certificate issue, should I put Fiancee Visa or Canada Visa because on my NBI clearance it shows purpose: Canada Visa.

    Hope to hear from you soon, and thank you in advance.


    • First of all thank you for reading my blog and it really boosts my confidence in writing entries that will help other people. Unfortunately I have no idea of what to put there, but I just have a sneaky gut feeling if you put NA it will be ok. Anyhow, if you filed for it you can ask the persons in immigration. Btw fiancee Visa? I didn’t know there’s one. I recently got married and we plan to avail the spouse visa. Maybe your referring to visit visa. God bless and favors be upon your application 🙂

      • Hi po ms ally paano po kumuha ng police clearance dito sa Qatar requiments po sa US visa process..thanks

  31. Good day Mam,

    My name is Daryl, I was able to find your blog regarding the processing of police clearance from Qatar.Your blog is very informative and helpful. Currently I am employed here in Qatar and my girlfriend who is in Canada is asking me to inquire the details on how to obtain this document.

    I have a few questions regarding the application mam. First of all, I have not yet gone for my yearly vacation so what do a put in the part of “Date of Exit”? Secondly, in the Purpose of Certificate issue, should I put Fiancee Visa or Canada Visa because on my NBI clearance it shows purpose: Canada Visa.

    Hope to hear from you soon, and thank you in advance.

  32. Good day everyone! I am interested in getting a PCC from Qatar for immigration purposes. I have already sent all the documents and pictures necesary for processing, however he has been turned down and wasn’t able to retrieve this document from me. I’d like to know if anyone on here is going through the same process as well as shed some light on how to proceed.

    thanking you in advance for your time and efforts.

  33. nandito ako sa pinas now at yan pinadala ko na docs sa ksamhan ko sa qatar dati para xa kumuha ng POlice Clearance ko sa Qatar. Ito parin mo ba mga requirements na kinuha mo dati. Miss ally?

    Requirements for applying for Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) from outside the country

    Clear copies of relevant pages of applicant’s current *passport and old passport that was used while in Qatar with personal particulars, residence permit, dates of first entry to the country and last exit from the country.
    *Full set of fingerprints (original) duly attested by a competent government authority at the country of the applicant.
    *Three recent passport-size photographs
    *Original of Good Conduct Certificate (No criminal record / conviction certificate) from the local police authority from the country of applicant duly attested by a competent government authority.
    *Letter explaining the purpose for which the certificate is required.
    *US$ 10 (Ten US Dollars) in Cash as processing fee

    • As per new rule, parents or kapatid na lang pde kumuha nang papers mo.may bago na sila process. Di ko alam pano bago process pag nasa pinas ka. Yun nandito same pa din requirement. Check nyo po embassy doha qatar dyan sa pinas for more details. Kakuha lang po nang daddy ko last week nang pcc ko. Ang hiningi yun form, copy qid at passport at 10qar for processing fee.

    • If andito ka , kuha ka sa immigration. if wala , pakuha mo sa tatay or kapatid mo andito. if wala ka kamaganak dito, punta ka home embassy sa pinas.

  34. Hi Ms ally, tnx a lot dito sa blog mo.last time I asked if how can I obtaining my pcc from Qatar then finally I found out how.
    And I’m very thankful coz I just received my PCC from the ministry of interior.
    To those who want to apply for their PCC u can do the same.
    I sent them the copy of my current and old passport, request letter (hand written by me), the copy of my residence id when I was in Qatar, a copy of my set finger prints, i sent directly to the ministry of interior Qatar on the 4th of December2015.and I received it by mail January 27.Thanks to the director of criminal evidence.Mr Nasser Abdulla may God bless you.

  35. Tnx for ur blog maam ally, malaking tulong po sa akin.. 😊 nakuha ki na pcc ko, need ko na lang mag palagay ng stamp sa MOFA😉😄

  36. First I’d like to thank the owner of this blog Ms. Ally. This is a huge help, really appreciate this! My question is, my dad lives in the Philippines and getting ready to migrate here in the US. We need his PCC from Qatar. What are the requirements?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Thank you rara. I haven’t checked my blog due to some unavoidable things.
      If your father is in the philippines,please contact the embassy of doha in Manila. They will help and assist you further. 🙂

  37. how long po nila process ang Qatar PCC? my fiancée filed a request through Qatar embassy sa Philippines. its already 1 month. thank u so much for your help. God bless u all

  38. Hi Ma’am Ally,

    Nice reading your blog.

    Tangapin ky nila yung police clearance and NBI certificate ko na hindi authenticated if magaply ng police clearance sa Qatar?

    Sa nagaply na po outside Qatar, ininclude nyo ba self -addressed paid return envelope?

    Thank you very much.

  39. hi im jomel.patulong po.nag send na po ako ng documents tru qatar embassy dito sa Philippines.ang tagal ng process . January 18,2016 sinend.malapit na maexpired ung medical ko ano ba maganda way para mabilis ung pagkuha na police clearance sa qatar.

  40. Hi. I need an urgent reply.i was a resident of qatar but now i live in uae. And need a pcc from qatar for australian immgration. I have to apply it from the qatar embassy here in uae. The problem is my old pasport was stolen and there fore i donot have the entry and exit dates with me. How do i apply for pcc without exact dates? I have my old resit permit of qatar can i use the expiry date of that as my exit date for the pcc? Or can i just enter any tentative dates?? Plz help in this matter.

  41. Hi Tanong ko lng po nag send ako ng application s pcc qatar via a friend tapos n reject daw dahil s court case n filed againts unpaid credit card so indi n ko makakakuha

    base dun s canada requirements letter galing s police n d nila ako ma issuhan ng pcc with reasons bakit d ako makahuha?

    nag bibigay b cic ng ganun?

    • Naku fren isettle mo yun kasi ground for rejection under criminal checking. Better check with your immigration lawyer for further information.

    • hi jericho nk kuha ka na po ba ng pcc mu?.. i have unpaid postpaid from voda last 3 years ago din kase.. i hope i can hear from you…

      • AUGUST 29, 2016 AT 5:04 PM
        hi mam ally. ask ko lang po before po ako maka kuha ng pcc i-verify pa yun sa recent company ko po sa qatar?. wha if my company will not coordinate po?..

      • hmm siguro criminal records check nila. if wala ka naman ginawa mali sa company,why will the company witheld any informations? keep praying.

  42. Hi,

    I was resident of Qatar since Jul 2011 to Dec 15 and now I am in Saudi Arabia.
    Currently I am in the middle of my Australian immigration process and needs Police clearance certificate from Qatar for myself and my family.
    Can you help me with the process please?


  43. hi
    I’m processing my Immigran US visa and they require me to provide PCC. I worked in doha for 3 years. Can you help me with the right requirements and do they allow a friend to process my PCC. thanks a lot, You will be a great help.

    • Are you still in Doha,if so you can personally get it. But if not, let your family member get it for you here. But if not you have to contact embassy of qatar where you are currently residing.

  44. Hi ally,
    I found your blog is very informative and helpful.
    I need your help. I am now in Australia and applied for Permanent residency but I need police clearance certificate. It s very urgent that I have to submit within 3 weeks. Please help me that how can I get it faster.
    Waiting your response soon.

    • Hi Prabin,

      You have to check with the embassy of Qatar in Australia for requirements. I can’t process for you since we are not family or relatives. For now, I know that only relatives can process it for you. If you have relatives here, seek help from them. Im sorry but I hope this advice will help you too.


      • Hi Ally,

        Thank you for prompt response.

        As I could not find any Qatar Embassy in Australia,only a Consulate office in which I have contacted to the office.One of the lady from there advised me to send email about the procedure.I sent email on 15th of April 2016 but still I have not received any response yet. I am very confused what to do now.

        I would be appreciated if you could advise something for me in regards the same.

        Awaiting your response soon.


        On Mon, Apr 18, 2016 at 2:43 AM, Engineered by God wrote:

        > Ally commented: “Hi Prabin, You have to check with the embassy of Qatar in > Australia for requirements. I can’t process for you since we are not family > or relatives. For now, I know that only relatives can process it for you. > If you have relatives here, seek help from the” >

      • Gather all the requirements, like your old copy of Qatar ID, Visa sticker in your old passport, and fill out the form.But I can’t assure you if it will work for you, i saw some comments here, who sent it directly here. It worked for her. Try it, but I won’t guarantee of accurate reply on your end. It will be at your own risk. My blog site will not be liable for any loss or anything. Pray.

  45. Hi ally,
    Actually I need police clearance certificate from Qatar for immigration purpose as it is requirement of the country for which I am applying immigratiin. I had been there in qatar for almost 1 year on twice 6 months visas. Now I am in my country(pak).
    On my behalf somebody who is in Qatar can make PCC for me….???
    And there is one query during my stay in Qatar I don’t had Q.ID but my visa was employment visa… So what will be the requirement to get PCC of Qatar.


  46. Hello. I was wondering if you knew someone that can help us. My fiancé spent 10 months in Qatar and now needs a police report before he can get his visa. We are at the interview phase and was shocked when he learned he needed the police clearance so late in our process. He was told that going thru the Qatar embassy can take up to 4 more months. Do you know any way to get the report any sooner, short of him coming to Qatar hisself?

    • try to find a good friend who can process on your behalf. by the way its four months already after i replied. maybe you have already the pcc. im sorry for the very late reply

  47. Hi Ally. I worked in Qatar from 2008 to 2011. Now am in New Zealand and I need my PCC to submit for residence visa within 3 weeks.I applied to Qatar in last november , I did not get any reply. then I applied through Qatar embassy in Canberra, in April. They advised me that they sent all documents to Qatar and told me to email to ceid in Qatar for the updates. I am really worried , because I need to submit within 3 weeks.

    • am sorry to hear that and am sorry for late reply. you can apply maybe thru the embassy of qatar where you are residing now.else try to find a friend of family member who can process on your behalf.

  48. Hello Ally,

    I applied for permanent residency here in Canada and need police clearance from Qatar. I know about the required documents. Some of my friends still live in qatar. Can you please help me with the fastest way to get the police clearance. Any help would be great

    Thank you so much in advance

  49. Hi Ally,

    I applied for police clearance since this April (2016) and I have not yet received it till now. Is there a possible way to follow up this document? By email or phone? Will it be okay if I call them or email them? What is the best way to contact them for the status of my PCC?

    By the way, I’m in Manila & left Qatar last 2012, migrating to US and this is the only document pending before they issue my US visa.

    TIA and God bless.

  50. hi ally i work in qatar for almost 5years.then i year na ko andito sa philippines and i need a police clearance for US immigration.if ever ba na magtourist ako ng qatar then magaapply ako ng police clearance possible ba na issuehan nila ako?need ko kase agad.if dito sa qatar embassy manila it will take 3mos.thank you so much!

  51. hi ally i worked in qatar for almost 5 years then I year na ko andito sa philippines and i need police clearance for US immigration.i was planning to go there as tourist just to apply police clearance is it possible?i need the police clearance urgent will take 3mos if i will apply here in qatar embassy.thank you so much

    • It takes only a week maximum for applying pcc here. and im sorry my reply took a month. was busy with my immigration papers din and work here. praying for a positive result for you Len

    • hindi naman. english naman ni fillout ko.kakuha lang namin ni daddy kanina. release sa next week august. kuha ka na baka maabutan ka eid holiday 🙂

  52. Hi Ms. Ally. My friend is currently helping me to process my police clearance in Qatar for US immigration purposes. He is not a Pinoy. My question is, do we still need stamp from Philippine Embassy Doha? What are the stamps needed? TIA 🙂

  53. hi mam ally. ask ko lang po before po ako maka kuha ng pcc i-verify pa yun sa recent company ko po sa qatar?. wha if my company will not coordinate po?..

      • ahh ok.. if yun brother ko po nid nya lang po ng s.p.a.? and anu po ang ggwin nya pag nkuha nya na yun mga requirements na nid ko na ippdala ko sknya? and gaano po max katagal pag jan po ng apply?.. thanks po sa sagot..

      • nandito ka sa doha? yun kapatid mo nandito? if nandito bigyan mo authorization letter muna. tapos nang picture mo and copy nun passport mo at qid. try mo muna.usually 1 week lang release na. kaso pa eid ngayon kaya medyo mabagal transaction hehe

  54. hello po! Ms Ally. My husband need to get a police clearance in qatar pero nandito na po xa sa pilipinas. Ano po ba mga requirements? pwede po ba cousin ko mag process ng police clearance nya? how po? sana mo masagot nyo. Importante lang po talaga.. thanks po!

  55. I am in Canada and need police clearance for immigration purpose, Can you help me how can I get my PCC as soon as possible from Qatar

    • Police clearance can only be processed by nearest kin or immediate family residing in doha. You can process yours in the embassy of qatar in your current location.

  56. yung bagong rules to obtain the Qatar Police Clearance ay stricto na po mga kabayan, kung meron kayong kapatid ug magulang na andito pwd or same last NAME not Middle Name ah pwd xa kumuha para sa inyo, pero kung willing kayo magbayad medyo may kamahalan ng lang pwd ako kasi meron akong kilala sa loob, kaya lang midyo may kamahalan, as long as ma-completo nyo lang ang mga requirements at wala kayong pending na Kaso like unpaid Credit Cards Etc. wala tayong magiging Problema, email nyo ako sa mga gustong magpakuha, sa mga kabayan lang po ako pwd Other Nationality Sorry i can’t help. thanks. maximum of 1 week upon receiving your complete documents. Thanks Mam Ally.

  57. Hello need some help how can i get police cleanrance.April 2.2013 to august 24 2013 lang po ako sa qatar.d na me nag work dito na me sa Pinas.pls i need some kabayan who can advice me how to get police clearance po.
    Thank you and God bless us all.

  58. Hi,

    I want to my post on nominated post is labour visa, but my actual job role is accountant however on my work contract it is steel carpenter. Can you tell me which job should I actually put in nominated post and whether my job category will be mentioned in the PCC for migration.

  59. Hello po. Nabasa ko ang mga messages dto about pcc from qatar . May US immigration visa application po ako naintetview ako nung jan 10, 2016 ok nn kado pending ang visa issuance kc need ng pcc from qatar. I used to wirk there from 2007 to 2015 kaso natanggal kasama ko misis ko ubder my sponsorship. Sino po ba ang makakatulong sa akin.

  60. hi, Ally. Is there any way kapag nareject ang CEID clearance kasi I was accepted in a government agency here in Qatar but my CEID was rejected ?Please if you can kindly help me.

  61. Hi,
    I want to apply for PCC of Qatar for immigration. I worked there for more than a year. I have a friend who will do it for me. How much time will it take to get the pcc and for how long it will be valid? I will give him my authority letter photo and QID and passport copy. Is this all documents required or have i missed any.

    Thanks for all your help.


    • The last time I applied, immediate family members are allowed to apply on our behalf for PCC. The usual time frame was a week.

  62. Hi there help nmn po sa pag Kuha ng Qatar police clearance dyan sa qatar nandito ako ngyon sa canada. Un mga ktrabho ko ayaw ko tulungan busy daw :(… Pag ditto kukuha sa Canada sobrang tagal aabutin ng 6 months. Pag sa pilipinas nmn 3 months Kaso Hindi ko alam Kung paano kumuha ng nbi sundri :(…. Plssss help thank you

    • Dito din ako sa canada na. Sa pagkaalam ko immediate family na lang pwede kumuha nang pcc. Pasensya na di ko agad nareplyan kayo. Matagal ko nawala sa blog ko eh.

  63. Hello, thank you for sharing your experience very helpful and insightful. I was wondering if you tell me to whom did you address the PCC to ? Canadian Embassy ? IRCC ?

    I would appreciate your feedback.


  64. I worked in Qatar for 3 years., currently residing in India but need the Qatar PCC for Canada PR application. The CIC website says you can go via Qatar consulate in my city as well. Will they send this application to Doha or will they process it themselves ? How much time would this all take ?

  65. Hello miss ally kindly help me to get pcc in Qatar I pay Basta makita Lang ng madali…I have all requirements…matagal pag dito sa pa Qatar consulate take time pa daw 2 to 3 months pa daw…please what will I do…

  66. Dear i have done whole process now i just want to know that in austhorization letter to whom i should refer in qatar like in starting of letter
    Rhen wat should i write to get qatar pcc

    Im from india and i need ur urgent help thank u

  67. Hello po ms ally. May ask ako, nagapply po ako ng PCC qatar . Mnention ko s form na purpose ko is for education abroad and pra s Australian Embassy. Pro nung nakuha ko yung PCC ko nkalagay Dest.Dept.:Philippines bat po ganon? Nka mention mn s form n fnill up ko is Australian Embassy?

    • I will double check on that wala ako malala na destination is philippines, as long as cleared ka naman sa record i think its ok naman.

  68. Hi Ms. Aly,

    Hope u can read my message and get a reply to you at the same time.

    I just wanna ask if i can get a PCC here in doha even for travel purposes only?
    I mean just incase, if immigration from other country asking for it because i plan to travel in 5 different countries before end of the year. As i read the purposes of taking the PCC they’re only mentioning for STUDY, WORK, MIGRANT and etc. twas not mention for travel purposes.Though don’t want to waste my travel to go there then they will not grant my application. So if you can help me with this matter that’s would be great.

    Thats all.

    Thank Yah!

  69. hello,

    i am also in the process of requesting a PCC from qatar.
    however my old passport that i used to enter qatar was water damaged and the entry and exit is no longer visible. the sticker visa was removed and i cant find it anymore. what can i do to prove this. i have a copy of my exit permit and my qatari id that expired days after i left qatar? any advise please? i need pcc as soon possible for my uk work visa application. if someone please email me at thank you so much in advance,

  70. Good day Ms. Ally!

    I have entered and worked in Qatar last April 2016 and exit was on the same year Dec. I did not return back to Qatar, in short I had an absence without official leave. Will it affect negatively in getting my Police Clearance for education/study purposes in Canada? Does PCC has an expiration? Thank you!

    Sent from my iPhone

  71. Hi Ally

    Very True!!!! ” If God is for us who can be against us! :

    I was employed in here in qatar from 1997 until 2014. In 2014 I resigned, went home and from 2014 i am here in qatar under family visit (6months)..Now we are in the process of our US immigration and I am bit concern about my PCC since my RP was cancelled in 2014..

    Is it true that they will issue PCC for the dates that I had RP in Qatar.

    • Just present the visa stickers on your passport for the year you mentioned. A copy of it and mentioned it in the form. It will be given dont worry. ^^ Just keep praying. ill also pray for smooth release of pcc as well as approval of your us immigration.

  72. Sorry po talaga if separate Ang tanong ko, ito po ba ang klasi NG police clearance na kailangan ko, plan ko Kasi mag apply sa new Zealand then most of hiring agencies are required to have a police clearance sa lugar na pinanggalingan ko. Crruently nasa Qatar pa nmn ako, by this march pa ang uwi ko. Thanks po .. God bleaa

  73. Opo Sana this next week mka kuha na, by last of march pa nmn Ang uwi ko, but I think it’s better makuha na ng maaga. Salamat po ng marami. Its a big help po sa akin Ang sagot mo, thanks and God bless, purihin na wa Ang Diyos sa gawa bahay mo.

  74. Ma’am Ally, again try ko Lang mag ask uli if you have idea na pwede ba na gumamit ng ibang credit card o debit sa pag bayad na hindi sa akin?
    Thanks po uli for immediate response lagi..

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